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Makeup Maven Jessica

A Woman's Guide to Beauty and Business

NYC – Day Two, Part One

Welcome to hotel

A handful of Makeup Mavens had arrived by Sunday evening and the few of us had decided to visit The American Museum of Natural History on Monday morning because our first meeting didn’t start until 3pm later that day.

We were following the directions on my iphone and were only expecting about a 30 minute walk at the most. Well, with the snow and us Makeup Mavens trying to take NYC in, it took us a little over an hour.

Central Park collage

Beautiful Central Park

Natural History Museum Entrance

Natural History Museum Entrance

The museum has 32 million specimens and artifacts, which only a fraction can be displayed at any given time. There was so much to see and a TON to take in. They have around 17 different halls/exhibits to see.

We were only able to see a handful of halls but I know an entire day STILL wouldn’t have been long enough!

The Fossil Hall was so interesting!

The Fossil Hall was so interesting!

fossil hall 2

This was a SLOTH!

This was a SLOTH!

There was an art class from a local school on a field trip and their assignment was to draw!

So cool!

So cool!

This next photo, I thought reminded me a little of my cute dog Guillermo. So, I took the photo. I also took a photo of the explanation of the dog but didn’t have time to read it then.

Cute dog!

Cute dog!

When I got home, I read the explanation and here’s what it said:

These little dogs were specially fattened, and eaten in Western Mexico and elsewhere. The Indians considered dog meat a great delicacy and savored it. A small dog was also thought to guide a dead person’s soul to his proper place in the after world.

Well, my dog isn’t fat and I’m definitely not going to eat him! Kind of funny though that I didn’t realize the significance of this dog at the museum!

I continually had to find a place to sit down because all of the standing and walking was really hard on my back. Fortunately, the Makeup Mavens that I was with were wonderful and didn’t mind me having to take a break every now and then.

This museum averages 5 million visitors annually! Incredible! I know I will definitely be back!


We thought taking the subway back to our hotel was going to be an adventure and were too tired to walk anyway. Of course, the New Yorkers were laughing at us for taking photos in the subway. But we didn’t care!

The West Regional winner Rebecca Ludeman and I

The West Regional winner Rebecca Ludeman and I


Once we got back to our hotel around 1:30, I was able to lay down and rest for a bit. I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the day if I didn’t give my back some relief.


Then I got ready and met up with all 59 other makeup mavens . . . Stay tuned for Part Two!

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

Family Photo!

Family Photo!


After being stuck in Las Vegas because of our RV breaking down, we finally made it to the Grand Canyon! Fortunately, the RV broke down in a Camping World parking lot and not in the middle of the desert!

As soon as the day started, my back pain started to nag at me. I don’t know if it is the elevation, the cold air, or what! But that didn’t stop me from handing an Avon brochure to the lady at the RV park’s front desk! The elevation here is 7,000 feet!

Interesting side note, the RV park we are staying at has to haul all of the campground water in so it’s best for us to try and conserve. No problem for us since we had just spent almost a week in the Camping World parking lot with NO water!

This is my first visit to a National Park since becoming disabled. There is a $25 entry fee per vehicle but I had heard that military, seniors and disabled people can apply for a pass and receive certain benefits. Wow! Now, I can get into ALL National Parks for free for LIFE! I’m also able to receive a significant discount on camping in National Parks. Perfect for us on our travels! This is truly a blessing!

There are two rims at the Grand Canyon. The South Rim and North Rim are just 10 miles apart as a raven flies, but 215 miles by road! Today we visited the South Rim because the North Rim is still closed for winter. Did you know that the Canyon is 277 river miles long with 160 rapids?

Grand Canyon South Rim Entrance

I wish Guillermo our frenchie was looking at the camera!

This place is SO beautiful even on a cloudy and very windy day! Definitely breath taking!

Yavapai Point View 1

I was wearing my Avon name badge so I didn't miss any customer opportunities! I also left a brochure in the women's bathroom!

I was wearing my Avon name badge so I didn’t miss any customer opportunities! I also left a few brochures in the women’s bathroom!

So amazing! It doesn't even look real!

So amazing! It doesn’t even look real!


It was a short visit today. Looking forward to seeing more of the Canyon tomorrow!

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Day One – NYC

Day One – NYC

How fitting that Avon decided to celebrate us in New York City, the beauty capital of the world! We knew we would get to visit Avon’s state-of-the-art Research and Development Facility and also go to the Global Headquarters! So exciting!

Avon HQ group

Avon headquarters posted this photo on facebook awaiting our arrival!

My flight to New York’s JFK Airport was pretty uneventful, 5 hours in the air. I made sure I had enough magazines to keep me occupied.

Plus, I had paid $3.99 to download a movie onto my iphone to watch. But once in the air, the airline offered the SAME movie as the in flight entertainment for free! Ha!

Unfortunately the movie was kind of boring and I ended up taking a snooze for an hour or so. When I awoke, we were in New York!

Avon had arraigned for a Town Car to be waiting for the Makeup Mavens as each one of us arrived.

I had to walk SO FAR from getting off the plane to where the Town Cars were going to pick us up, that when I got there, my car had already left. They did try and call me but my phone was on silent and didn’t vibrate. OOPS!!

I called the Town Car company back and they got another driver to me right away. What a way to start out my trip! Ha!

First sight of the city!

First sight of the city!


Got to our hotel Double Tree in Times Square and was amazed at all of the activity in Times Square on a Sunday evening. After checking in, a few of us Mavens decided to see what NYC was all about!

Doubletree in Times Square! Our suite was awesome!

Doubletree in Times Square! Our suite was awesome!


It was so bright, my phone had a hard time taking the photo! Hot dog from a vendor in Times Square!

It was so bright, my phone had a hard time taking the photo! Hot dog from a vendor in Times Square!

Avon had also given us a $50 gift card to the restaurant Ginger’s in the hotel for our first evening, so the few Mavens that had arrived had dessert  together and got to know each other.

We did call it an early evening because we knew that Avon had an exciting itinerary planned, and we wanted to make sure we were at our best for the days that followed.

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Introducing myself…

Avon Lips Couch

WHO AM I?  My name is Jessica and I am from Portland, Oregon. My husband Aaron and I have a wonderful life with our french bulldog Guillermo and our cat, Kitty.


I have partnered with Avon as a Makeup Maven and I am 1 of 60 in the world! I am sharing my knowledge of Avon beauty and show women how to feel more comfortable selling makeup in their successful businesses.


My Avon Story: Around 2003,  I started selling Avon. It was mostly just a hobby and helped pay for a gas and some schooling. I was working full-time then and sold mostly to my family, friends and co-workers. Plus, I was able to enjoy purchasing my own beauty items at a HUGE discount!

I enjoyed the sales meetings and trainings that our district manager held and met so many wonderful Avon representatives. I sold on and off for five years but have consistently sold since October 2007.

In 2012, Avon held a Makeup Maven contest and I was chosen to represent Avon has a Makeup Maven! You can read all about that HERE

My Life:
I’m very blessed to have a wonderful family and now wonderful in-laws!

One of the most defining moments in my life was in January of 2009.  My family and I were in an accident where we had a 130 foot tree fall onto our moving vehicle. My Dad and Step-mom Kim were in the driver and passenger seats. I was behind Kim in the second row of the truck.

We were driving about 25-30 mph when the tree slammed down through the pickup, falling diagonally across the cab and smashing it in. My family came to and were able to climb out the drivers side window despite Kim having a broken back.

I actually wasn’t breathing and was trapped under the metal of the truck and the tree.

I was still trapped in the truck when these were taken.

I was still trapped in the truck when these were taken.

Fortunately, the Tualatin Valley Fire Department Chief Paul LeSage was driving on the same road. When the debris cleared, Paul saw that a fallen tree had nearly chopped the pickup truck in half, and downed power lines were popping close by.

Paul heard my father yelling for help and forced open the truck’s back door the best he could. The backseat where I was located was compressed to about 18 inches and Paul adjusted my head and cleared my airway, so I could breathe.

If he let go, I would quit breathing, so he stayed in the truck while the fire department took a chainsaw to the tree and did the jaws of life on the truck. He held that position for 23 minutes.

I don’t remember anything from the accident but remembered a few things while in the hospital and mostly going home. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.

I had 2 fractures in my skull, broke my nose, my cheekbone, 3 ribs and 5 parts of my spine. A few days after the accident, I had spine surgery and they fused my spine T1-T4. After surgery, I was placed in a neck and back brace and had to be in it 24/7 for 3 months.

My step mom Kim was released with a brace similar to mine that she had to wear while her broken spine healed. Thankfully, my mother, my aunt and family friend Kathy took care of me while I was on the mend. You can read about the beginning of my journey at

brace collage

I am so blessed to be alive and be able to walk. I do my best to not take life for granted and am thankful for every new day that I am given. Through trial and error and pure determination on my part, I have accomplished getting off all my pain medications.

It’s been a journey since getting my brace off to try back to where I was before the tree had fallen on us. I have consistently gone to physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, received regular massages. I also attended swimming classes, core fitness classes and whatever else I could to strengthen my back and get out of pain.

I am unable to work due to being physically limited but am able to fit Avon in on my good days and love that I can use it to occupy my mind.

Paul LeSage collage

Paul LeSage received TWO awards for saving my life!


That’s it! I’m loving life and look forward to sharing with you my knowledge of beauty and business as I continue to recover! God is great and I’m thankful for every day he gives me! Thanks for reading!

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What is an Avon Makeup Maven?

Makeup Maven group sign

MAVEN- skilled and knowledgeable in a particular field. Someone who really knows her stuff!

An Avon Makeup Maven is the face and voice of Avon in the field. I am a partner and Avon beauty resource to my district and division manager. I also train people how to use Avon color on themselves and show them how to train their teams.

The Avon Makeup Maven Contest – In October 2012, Avon introduced the Makeup Maven contest. This contest was open to all representatives that love Avon makeup and you could win a fabulous Makeup Maven Pin, five product bundles throughout the year and a grand prize trip to NYC (among many other fun things).

To enter, you needed to make a short tutorial video showing Avon makeup or Avon nail wear. I knew that Avon gave us this challenge only to encourage our businesses to thrive and I thought that this was something I could do.

So, a few days before all entries were due I finally made my video. My wonderful husband helped set up our webcam and made a perfect “makeup” station for me!

I had written out what I wanted to cover in my tutorial because I’m not comfortable with just winging it! As prepared as I could be, I shot the video.

My husband then navigated through video editing programs, which made my life real easy. He’s quite amazing!

Sent the video in and waited patiently for a response. I was notified a bit later that I had won in my District 7508 and my Division, Golden Lights!

I WAS AN AVON MAKEUP MAVEN! I also won the grand prize AND GOING TO NYC!!

Out of the 60 divisional winners in the country, 4 would be chosen as Regional winners.They received an extra night in NYC, a professional photo shoot and a few other goodies.

Those winners are: Rebecca Ludeman, Lisa Monoson, Shannon Howard, and Kana Brown. These ladies are incredible and will make all of us Mavens proud being brand ambassadors for Avon! These ladies received an extra night in NYC and a professional photo shoot! They will be in an upcoming brochure and we are all anxiously waiting!

Here’s my makeup maven entry video!

To get to know me – see introducing myself…

Makeup Mavens Strong Sign

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