Avon Makeup Sale – Start The Year Off Beautifully

Avon Makeup Sale – Start The Year Off Beautifully

We are having a Makeup SALE! Oh yeah, that’s right! When you Mix or Match Select Avon Products you get 50% off the the second with this Buy One Get One Deal. For a full list of applicable products click the picture below.

Makeup Sale

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Why Buy Avon?

There are many reason why shopping Avon is a fantastic decision. Here are some of my favorite reasons to not only buy Avon but to Sell Avon as well:

  • For one they are one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world (131 years) and have invented many of the industry standards that have become obligatory at this point. Have you ever heard of AHA?
  • They are a company that is dedicated to empowering women. Avon gave women the ability to own their own business and make a living to support a family before women could even vote in the United States of America.
  • Shopping Avon is supporting Small Business. Avon is a Direct Sales company meaning you can’t go buy the products at a big box store or counter. The rep you are buying from is the owner of the business you are shopping with.
  • Largest Color Pallet in the World
  • Avon was the First Major Cosmetics Company to stop testing on Animals over 25 years ago. Not only did they stop testing but to this day they first for animal rights in countries where Animal testing is legally mandated. China was one of these country and recently have ended the practice for makeup but not all animal testing has been ended in China for things like Sunscreen. Avon continues to advocate for animals who have no voices of their own.
  • Value Driven. Many of the major cosmetics companies out there charge a much higher premium for equal and sometimes inferior products. Not going to name names here but if you go to any mall cosmetics counter you found them. Don’t pay more just because of perceived value based on high prices. You ARE throwing your money away.

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Thank you for coming by and supporting my Small Home Business. See below to learn how to shop Avon Makeup Sale Online

How To Shop

  • Shop Online On My eStore - browse my website and shop online departments like categories, new & now, special offers, how to's, causes or brochures.
  • Shop My Online Brochure - View Current Brochures and add products to your cart as you go.
  • Shop by product number from the current Avon Catalog - If you already have the product number from the current brochure or brochures from the last two campaigns you can order with the product code by clicking here or going to my eStore and go to "Shop Now" then hover your cursor over "Brochures" you will be given the option to shop by product number.

Current Avon Promo Codes 2018

Avon Promo Code 2017: WELCOME10 - 10% off any Avon Online Order Size at https://jzumbusch.avonrepresentative.com - New Customers Only

Avon Promo Code 2017: Free Shipping On ALL Online Orders Over $40 https://jzumbusch.avonrepresentative.com - No Code Needed

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Avon empowering women

Avon Empowering Women


Avon’s history of empowering women is what makes me continue to build my Avon business.

Avon has a Legacy of empowering women for over 128 years. From moms-on-the-go to aspiring CEOs, Avon continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing world by offering women a flexible earning opportunity via in-person, online and mobile-to-mobile beauty sales. Championing women through beauty and financial independence, Avon is the largest global network of women on earth.

Do you want to discover how you can help Avon empowering women?

Learn more:

New Representative incentives – these are super exciting!:

Free Watch: Avon will send new Representatives a Classic Round-Face Pastel Watch when they start their Beautiful Story as an Avon Representative. To qualify, you need to sign up by June 8, 2015 and place a 1st order of $100 or more by 11:59 p.m. local time on June 16, 2015! And when you place your second order? You’ll receive your watch.

Hit $100 Bundle: New Representatives will earn Free beauty samples and up to $100 check for placing orders!



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