6 Mistakes that New Reps Make

6 Mistakes New Reps Make in Avon

I LOVE being a leader with Avon! I LOVE sharing what has worked for me in my business and helping other representatives be successful too. This last year, I’ve been able to successfully help 94 new team members start their business and I was noticing common mistakes that seemed to happen. Here are my top 6 Mistakes New Reps Avon Make.

  1. You’ve got to be COMMITTED! Avon is not a get rich, quick business. You need to commit to 3-6 months of doing the daily practices to really see the results. It’s easy to earn a couple hundred dollars a month with Avon, but you first will need to build your customer base. If you don’t earn what you want in your first few campaigns, KEEP TRYING! Don’t give up! I see New Avon Reps give up WAY too easily. Keep working on your goals and building your customer base. You’ll get there.. as long as you stay committed!
  2. Learn to roll with the punches! Whether you get frustrated because the online ordering system is having difficulties or you’re discouraged because a customer decided they didn’t want something after they ordered, learn to get right back up! No matter what company you decide to partner with, or however you decide to build your business, you will encounter challenges.
  3. Order more than 10 brochures! To get new customers, you’ll need brochures. To get more sales, you’ll need brochures. When you hand out 10 brochures, you can expect to get a few orders… but if you’re in this business to make money, you’ll need more than 10 brochures!
  4. Be consistent! To build your customer base and sales, your potential customers need to see that you are serious about your business and providing them great customer service. You do that by building their trust that you’re going to continue providing them Avon service. Every campaign, deliver brochures and follow up with your customers. EVERY CAMPAIGN!
  5. Keep your vision out in front of you! It’s easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. This business can be challenging when you aren’t clear on why you’re working hard. I like to print out a goal that I’d like to achieve and look at it every day! For example, one awesome team member wants to buy a new pair of shoes. She saved a photo of the shoes and has it as a screen saver on her phone. Every time she opens her phone, she sees the pair of shoes she wants. This helps reinforce why she’s handing out her brochures, why she’s following up with her customers and why she continues to work her business.
  6. Don’t stock up on inventory and deals! It’s so easy to want to grab all the new products, samples and stock up on what you think will sell. You can quickly (and easily) get in over your head and owe Avon money. If you want to purchase your own products, write yourself out a receipt and keep track of how much you’re spending. Your earnings can easily disappear when you’re buying your own products and then you’ll think you aren’t making any money!

I hope you find this helpful and I’d love to help you with your Avon business!

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5 Essential Tasks for new Avon Representatives

5 Essential Tasks for New Avon Representatives

Hi there! I’m sure you’re excited to get your Avon business off to a great start! I’m super excited for you too! Here is 5 Essential Tasks for New Avon Representatives. I hope you find this helpful!

5 Essential Tasks for new Avon Representatives


The Avon sales business is all about customers shopping from your store. The brochure is your store and if you don’t hand them out, you aren’t going to make any money! It’s best to have a large customer base and then they order every campaign.

When I first started my Avon business, I didn’t keep track of who I gave brochures out to or followed up with my customers. I was very inconsistent about handing out brochures and my earnings were low.

My district manager challenged me to fill out list of 50 names of people that might want to shop my Avon store, either face to face or online. So, I made up a contact list and I was surprised how I could easily add my friends and family to fill my 50 names.

Here’s the Customer Follow Up List

Still need help to jog your memory? Here’s how to get 40 Avon Customers in 4 minutes!

Also, look at all of your friends on your social media sites like Facebook. Speaking of social media sites… have you set up your eStore yet? Here are some things your eStore can do for you!

eStore can do for you

Don’t forget to like our Avon Team Page on Facebook! Share your eStore on your social media and tag me in it! I will send you a free gift!

Even if you haven’t talked to someone for years, it’s easy to ask them “When is the last time you’ve seen an Avon brochure? Would you like Avon service?”

Don’t be shy! Ask anyone if they would like to shop your Avon brochure. Put in the work now and you will be glad you did in a few campaigns.

Not exactly sure of what Words to Use on social media? Check this out: Words+to+Use+Examples

Ask 3 friends or family members to post your eStore on THEIR page for their friends to shop on! Who doesn’t want to help family out?!

I know you may think filling out this customer list is silly. But it’s such a powerful tool when starting your Avon business! When you complete your contact list, take a photo and text it to me! I will send you a free gift!

Wow! 2 Free gifts if you do these today!


1. Fill out your 50 names list

2. Like our Avon Team Page on Facebook

3. Set up your online eStore

4. Use Avon’s web office and share your eStore on social media

5. Ask 3 friends or family members to post your eStore on THEIR social media pages


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