Unsure of selling Avon? Request a FREE Try it Kit

Unsure about selling Avon? Request a FREE Try It Kit!

Unsure about selling Avon? Request a FREE Try It Kit!

How would an extra income of $200-$500 every month benefit you and your family? What about MORE!?

Here’s your chance to find out with an Avon Try It Kit!

Unsure of selling Avon? FREE Try it Kit

Test out your own Avon business with these easy steps:

  1. Contact me TODAY and I will immediately mail you a FREE Try it Kit!

Email me at MakeupMavenJessica@gmail.com with your name, address and phone number. OR Call/Text me at 503 970 9065

2. Share the brochure and samples with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Ask them to place an order with you!

3. Collect and write up their orders and payments on the order forms that I include in your Avon Try It Kit.

4. Call me! For only $25, we will open your Avon account! Avon guarantees 40% earnings on your first 4 orders (over $100) – so start today!

When your order is $150, you will have earned enough to pay for your $25 starter kit!

5. If you decide, not to open your account, I will help you place an order on my eStore so your friends & family will still receive their products!

Make your dreams come true today! What do you have to lose?!


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