Avon empowering women

Avon Empowering Women


Avon’s history of empowering women is what makes me continue to build my Avon business.

Avon has a Legacy of empowering women for over 128 years. From moms-on-the-go to aspiring CEOs, Avon continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing world by offering women a flexible earning opportunity via in-person, online and mobile-to-mobile beauty sales. Championing women through beauty and financial independence, Avon is the largest global network of women on earth.

Do you want to discover how you can help Avon empowering women?

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New Representative incentives – these are super exciting!:

Free Watch: Avon will send new Representatives a Classic Round-Face Pastel Watch when they start their Beautiful Story as an Avon Representative. To qualify, you need to sign up by June 8, 2015 and place a 1st order of $100 or more by 11:59 p.m. local time on June 16, 2015! And when you place your second order? You’ll receive your watch.

Hit $100 Bundle: New Representatives will earn Free beauty samples and up to $100 check for placing orders!



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Want to earn more cash with Avon?

Want to earn more cash with Avon?

Avon gives you a chance to earn more cash. Explores the possibilities.

Imagine the possibilities. A future where you could have enough money, not only for what you need, but for what you want. Imagine your future exactly as you want it to be. Discover how the Avon Opportunity can guide you to your own Beautiful Story. Let your Beautiful Story start by making your dreams happen, by being your own boss, unlimited earnings potential and do something you love and have fun while doing it. Learn how you can start your Beautiful Story with Avon; a beauty leader that’s loved and recognized by millions.

New Representative incentives – these are super exciting!:

Free Watch: Avon will send new Representatives a Classic Round-Face Pastel Watch when they start their Beautiful Story as an Avon Representative. To qualify, you need to sign up by June 8, 2015 and place a 1st order of $100 or more by 11:59 p.m. local time on June 16, 2015! And when you place your second order? You’ll receive your watch.

Hit $100 Bundle: New Representatives will earn Free beauty samples and up to $100 check for placing orders!

Daily Care Collection: Only available in your first order! Get your business off to a great start with these collections Avon provides to New Representatives only!

Shop now: http://avon4.me/1P631uw


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Build your own beautiful Avon business!

Build Your Own Beautiful Avon Business!

Build Your Own Beautiful Avon Business!

Build Your own Beautiful Avon Business!


Want to Make Your Own Schedule?

I can show you how to earn $300-$500 a month just working part-time. Join my team and we can make money together!

Earn as much as you want or need. Be your own boss. Work how you want,when you want.

You are invited to discover the financial freedom offered by Avon’s unlimited earning potential!

Build your own beautiful business from home while receiving all the support you need to achieve your personal goals.

Inspire others to be successful and earn even more!

Simple Network Marking

Avon is simply network marketing. Most people do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it. When you are going about your day, hand out Avon brochures to everybody you encounter! Gas station attendants, grocery clerks, co-workers, friends, family, doctors offices, hair and nail salons, etc.The possibilities are endless!

You then get customer orders and enter them online every other Wednesday by noon and it gets shipped to your door on Saturday! Deliver the products to your customers and collect payment from them at that time. You will receive an Avon invoice with how much you owe Avon. You will pay Avon and keep whatever money is leftover for yourself!

Avon sets you up with an online store and you can send the link to anyone in the United States. Avon can also ship to military bases around the world. You don’t have to do anything to the site and when customers order, you don’t have to handle the product… It gets delivered straight to the customer but you get the earnings!

The more customers you have, the more orders you get..

Which in return THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE!!!


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Avon Fundraising FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is money collected from customers?

A: Money is collected at the time of order. Your organization may choose to accept personal checks. Personal checks should be made out to your organization or to someone from your organization that is in charge of the fund-raiser.

Q: How long does it take the products to arrive?

A: Approximately one week from the time I submit the final order to Avon.

Q: To whom do all of the products get delivered?

A: Someone from your organization should volunteer their home, garage, or another facility to have all of the products delivered to. Products arrive in file storage size boxes and there may be dozens of them depending on the size of the order. If your organization has a facility with a locked room, it would be best to have the products delivered there. The products should be delivered to the same location where they will be bagged into the individual customer orders.

Q: What happens next after the products arrive?

A: I meet with volunteers from your organization where the products were delivered. I check the order and the order receipt from Avon to insure that all products were delivered, and then we begin the process of bagging individual customer orders.

Q: What happens if a customer wants to return a product? What happens if a product is backordered or did not ship?

A: Avon has a 100% guarantee. Therefore, a customer may return a product for an exchange or refund. I will handle this. In case of a backorder or a missing item, as soon as the product ships to me it can be delivered to the customer.

Q: What if someone is interested in selling Avon or becoming a regular Avon customer?

A: The person should be given my name and number and informed to contact me.

Q: How is our payment of profits handled?

A: Since your fund-raising participants collected money at the time their customers placed orders, you will have the money from all sales. One person should be designated to be in charge of this money. When I meet with you and the volunteers to sort the products and bag individual customer orders, we will determine what the total sales amount is and what your percentage earnings are. You keep your percentage of the earnings and the remaining amount is paid to me, usually in the form of a check. The money that you pay me will be used to pay Avon for the products. Whatever is left are my earnings.

Q: What about the costs of fund-raising materials such as collection envelopes, bags, brochures or flyers? Who pays for them?

A: Avon charges minimal fees for the necessary items such as the Avon bags used to bag individual customer orders and the fund-raiser flyers or brochures. The fees are small, and the Avon bags are cheaper then buying bulk bags at a store. Avon supplies the money collection envelopes for free. When we meet to discuss your Avon Fund-Raiser, we can discuss these costs and we will negotiate who will be paying for what depending on the number of participants in your Fund-Raiser and your anticipated total sales amount.

Q: Can you briefly summarize the steps to the Avon-Fundraiser process?

A: I will be with you every step of the way and will meet with you, participants, and/or volunteers from your organization as needed. Generally, this is the Avon Fund-Raising process:

  1. We meet in-person to determine the particulars of the fund-raiser such as the start date, how many people will be involved, etc.

  2. I order the necessary selling materials from Avon for your group to successfully sell Avon products.

  3. Fund-raiser participants receive the selling materials and collect customer orders and money.

  4. I place the final order with Avon for all products that your participants sold.

  5. The final order is delivered by Avon and we bag the individual customer orders. At that time, we determine your group’s profits.

  6. Participants deliver orders to their customers.

If you have any questions that have not already been answered, or if you need further information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Thinking of selling Avon?

Thinking of selling Avon?

Are you thinking of selling Avon? What about working from home? Would you like to earn an extra $200-$500 a month working part time?




As you may know, being an Avon Representative is simple, fun and profitable primarily because Customers know and trust the Avon name and brand. Avon is of course one of the world’s largest Direct Selling Company.

At Avon, no minimum order, no sales quotas, no inventory to purchase, and no party kit to buy are just some of the benefits every Avon Representative enjoys. Avon is unlike almost all other Direct Selling companies in that regard. Your selling vehicle is, of course, the Avon brochure. You’re probably familiar with our iconic Avon brochure but what you may not know is you can also sell online with a personalized eStore that Avon provides to you free of charge! The average Representative earns between 30 and 35%. Our most successful, Representatives earn up to 50% commission on their sales. And best of all – you can join for $25, $50 or $100 depending on which starter kit you get! Read about Starter kits here. You might want to opt for our “self sign up” feature which allows you to open your Avon account online right away. Once completed, you can set up your eStore immediately and start selling online right away. Your new rep kit which contains your Avon brochures for your face to face selling will be shipped UPS the next business day.   What’s Next?


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