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Disclaimer: This is a List of Sites and Products that we use to run our Online Avon Business. These companies do not pay us to endorse them but when you use these links the company shares a percentage of the profits with us.


Office Supplies and Goods Sent To You

I find I save a lot of time shopping online and online shopping is getting better and better. I order most of my office supplies

Shop Office Supplies and More on Amazon:



Start Your Own Website

I highly recommend having your own web site. To start a new website you are going to need hosting. With Host Gator you can purchase your domain name and they will host it for you. I have also received great tech support from them every time I have needed them.

While writing this I actually was just on with them about and SSL certificate and they were great. A good web site needs an SSL certificate but that is for another time.

Get You Own Domain and Website:


HostGator Web Hosting


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