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Welcome To Makeup Maven Jessica. If you are here to Buy Avon click the brochure below Shop Current Avon Catalog. This is my Beauty Blog and I look forward to sharing my love of Avon with you. Avon has so many great products to offer. Even more than that though, Avon is a wonderful community of Empowered Women and a Few Good Men.

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Avon’s Rich History

If you have never heard of Avon you are in for a treat. Avon was started by David H. McConnell over 134 years ago! He started the company as a door to door book salesman. David would always give his customers Perfume as a gift. Over time he noticed that his clients were more excited about the perfume than they were the books. He was making the perfume in his home initially. When he realized he could do better selling perfume instead he changed his focus.

David began building his business by giving housewives the opportunity to sell his products and earn money long before women were allowed to work. His first Avon Lady was Persis Foster Eames Albee, the mother of all Avon Ladies. Ever since, long before we could even vote, Avon has been empowering women and giving them an opportunity to own their own businesses and make their own way.

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Who Am I?

You may have guessed by now my name is Jessica. I started my Avon Business over 12 years and recently brought on the help of my husband, Aaron, to my Avon Business. We have a wonderful time working together. Get this, because of Avon he was able to quit his job and start his own computer repair business while also helping me with all the geek work in the background. Having Aaron focus on all the graphic arts and web design has allowed me to focus on my customers and helping my team grow their businesses as well.

Like I stated before, Avon is more than just a beauty sales company they are focused on a community of Women and Men sharing an Entrepreneurial dream together and empowering each other. Thank you for coming to our site. Please take the time to look around we know you will find something you love whether you want to buy Avon Products or Sell them yourself! Learn More About me Here

Getting Started Shopping Avon Online

The First thing you are going to want to do is create an account. Having an account is important as it will help you keep track of your account and purchases. Avon will require some personal information, nothing intrusive though. Just the usual who you are kind of stuff. They will also need a preferred payment method.

Another benefit to having an Online Avon Account is that you will be notified of the current best deals so you don’t miss them. As I mentioned at the top of the page you will want to use WELCOME10 when you check out on your first purchase to get 10% off!

Types of Accepted Payments

As you’d expect Avon Online accepts all Major Credit Cards or gift cards with their logos. Recently they added PayPal to the list. My husband was super excited about PayPal because of the extra layer of security it provides Online Shoppers. You aren’t locked in to just method though. You can have multiple payments methods on your account at a time.

Promotions To Help You Save

I mentioned deals earlier. Avon is always running some special or another with different promotions. In fact if you look at the bottom of this page I have a few current promotions listed. I try to keep the updated every campaign.

What Are Campaigns? You May Ask.

Avon does their sales in what are called Campaigns. That means a new Avon Brochure every two weeks with fun new goods to try and the tried and true products you know and love.

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Full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Avon is so sure that you will love our products that they offer a full 90 day money back guarantee. When you buy Avon Online you can rest assured you will love the product or your money back.

What’s Next:

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