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FAQ about selling avon

FAQ about selling Avon

FAQ about selling Avon

Starting an Avon business is just that, starting a business! I like to get as much information about something but I jump in, so I made this FAQ about selling Avon. Success is based on treating it as though you are starting up your very own business. You are after all. Please take some time to look over our FAQ about selling Avon.

FAQ about selling Avon

 FAQ about selling Avon – Avon Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 10/01/2021)

FAQ about Selling Avon

Q. How Does It All Work?

A: To start your own business, you will simply show the Avon brochure to your friends and family and show them the new products with samples and/or demos (if you choose to purchase). The pay with Avon is strictly commission and is based on how much you sell in a two week campaign. You are responsible for finding your own customers. Your “customers” (friends and family), give you their orders. It’s best to ask for payment for their order at this time. You can also collect 50% of their payment and the rest when you deliver the product. The commission ranges between 20% – 50% based on how much you sell. NEW! Avon is offering New Representatives an opportunity to earn $3,250 in 4 months!! *All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaign 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs).

Here’s how it works: we go around with the books for two weeks and collect orders with full payments from customers, then we tell Avon what we need to fill the orders. At the time you submit your order, you will be asked to submit a payment to Avon which equals the wholesale “cost” of the products. Avon ships us the products and we take them and deliver to our customers. The customer will have already paid you the brochure price (retail). The amount you earn is the difference between the brochure price and the wholesale cost of the products.

To use the above example of the $300.00 order, you’d pay Avon $195.00 at the time you place the order and keep the $105.00 profit immediately. Then, you enter the orders in online by your due date. The order will arrive at your house in 3-5 business days. For example, my order is due every other Monday by 11:59pm and then it arrives at my house on Friday. Your order will be delivered by UPS. When the products arrive from Avon, simply deliver them to your customers with the next brochure. There is a statement/invoice with your order that tells you exactly how much you earned on each item and what your expenses are.

Lastly, you deliver the product to your customer and collect the remainder of their payment (if owed any)! Show them the next brochure and ask for referrals to new customers. Easy as that! When you’ve collected all of your customers payments, you keep your earnings and pay Avon before you place your next order.

Selling Avon online – you simply share your digital book link for two weeks and your customers order online. They pay Avon and their orders get delivered directly to them. Your commission/earnings will be direct deposited into your bank account within 2 business days of when your customer order ships. I LOVE SELLING AVON ONLINE! If I have a need to have cash for the upcoming weekend, I share my online store link, get a few online orders and then my earnings are direct deposited into my bank account before the weekend. AND I don’t have to deliver the orders to my customers or anything! I think selling Avon online is working smarter not harder.

Here’s my quick video answering How does selling Avon work?

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Q. How Much Can I Make Selling Avon?

A: The real question is: How much do you want to earn?

Before I started selling Avon, I had so many questions about the earning opportunity and had no clue how much I could actually make. To be honest, I didn’t even understand how to get paid!

So, for the first 7 years after joining Avon, I just kept my account open to get my own products at a discount. If you join Avon just to get a discount on your own products, that is totally ok! (You’ll see on the earnings chart below how much your discount will be). I LOVED getting the discount (and still do) during the holidays and when I had a little extra to buy myself some fun things.

Just being a discount Avon rep was wonderful because I didn’t need to meet any sales quotas or buy any inventory to keep my account open. No extra money coming out of my pocket, which was great because I didn’t have any extra money! In fact, as an Avon rep, you only need to submit 1 order every 5 campaigns (2.5 months) to keep your account open and no hidden fees to pay.

But, when my life changed after being in a horrible accident and having spine surgery and I NEEDED an income, is when I dove a little deeper into understanding how to have Avon bring in some money to my household. (To hear My Avon Story, click HERE)

I started meeting other Avon reps that have made this business into a full time income and learned a lot from them.

I get asked often “Can you really make money selling Avon?” My answer, hands down, is YES!!

This is NOT a get rich quick opportunity. BUT you WILL earn 25% right away! AND there are lots of bonus $$ money when you invite people to work the business with. (First big bonus for only having 3 people join you, is $500!?!)

If you want to hit the ground running and make as much money as you can right away, I’d love to partner with you and help you achieve your goals. I LOVE linking arms with my team members 1 on 1 and chasing after our dreams and goals together. (Here’s the link to get started with Avon:

If you want to start slowly, like I did and join just to get your own products at a discount, let’s get you going and I’ll share my favorite products and maybe even send you a few samples to help get you fall in love with them too. (Here’s the link to get started with Avon:

Now, let’s get to the numbers. And remember, the more effort you put into the business, the more you earn.

There are two ways to earn money with Avon. The first is by:

Selling Product

Your earnings percentage is based on your total campaign sales, the product categories ordered and your sales achievement level and includes orders from your online store as well as in our back office Avon Now.

NEW! Avon is offering New Representatives an opportunity to earn $3,250 in 4 months!! **All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaign 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs)

Join Avon Today! and you can earn 25% for your first 8 campaigns on everything in the brochure and ONLINE!! (20% on fashion and home)

Below is Avon’s current earnings chart for representatives for 2021.

Avon average earnings

How much can you earn with Avon online sales?

NEW! Avon is offering New Representatives an opportunity to earn $3,250 in 4 months!!  for face to face AND online sales! Online sales is another great way to put cash in your pocket. You earn the SAME amount for online sales as you do for face to face sales! Yahoo! *All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaign 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs)

Okay, so let’s be real. How many hours do you need to commit to earning with Avon? When I started to build my personal sales, I spent around 1 hour a day, 5 days a week with a maximum of 10 hours a week. This allowed me to earn about $200 – $300 a month just from my sales. That breaks down to AT LEAST $20 an hour!

Are you able to work 1-3 hours a day, as a side gig, to help achieve financial stability for your family. What can $300 a month do for your family? Buy groceries? Help pay for kids in sports? Help your house not go into foreclosure? Help pay your student loans?

Here’s a link to a video about how I built my Avon business in 1 hour a day:

My earnings above was BEFORE online selling too! Now, it does not take NEARLY as long to get orders!

With online selling, you can reach more people in LESS time.

It is simple and EASY to share your online book/store with just a click of a button.

You can earn while sleeping or away on vacation!

You do NOT have to deliver the products to your customer, saving TIME and GAS money!

Avon takes care of the payment process.

I wish I would have focused more online sales when I started so that it could have freed me up more time to spend working on building my team and growing my business. (Don’t worry, I can share all my online selling with Avon tips and tricks that I’ve learned since then!)

Once I was able to commit more time and SAW how my efforts resulted in earnings, I started committing another hour or 2 a day and started earning with Avon a 2nd way!

That way is through:


This is where you can earn over $100,000 a year with Avon. Six figures, yeah!! You earn additional income by recruiting, training, and mentoring new Representatives. There are wonderful new incentives for representatives that start building their team including a bonus structure and up to 13% of your team’s sales!

There is A LOT of bonus money when you invite just a couple friends to join you. You’ll get $50 for each person AND a $500 bonus when you have at least 3 people selling alongside with you. It’s really an amazing deal!

The more people you invite to join you, the more bonuses you’ll earn. In fact, just a couple months ago, 3 of our team members Katie, Sylvia and Elizabeth all qualified for their $500 bonus! So fun!

And in April right before my husband and I went on an ALL EXPENSES cruise to Bermuda (thanks to Avon), I received a $1,500 bonus direct deposited into my bank account.

What a blessing that was right before we went on the vacation. It really helped us not feel “strapped” when wanting to buy souvenirs and allowed us to explore the whole country of Bermuda.

So yes, you can make money selling Avon. You get paid by the amount of effort you put into the business.

Just to give you an idea of how lucrative it can be to be a top seller and top leader, one representative who shares her earnings, makes $22,000 every 2 weeks! Wow! I’m aiming for that kind of earnings!

Do you know how much good you could do in this world when you’re making that kind of money?

The freedom and flexibility that this business has provided has been priceless. I wouldn’t change it for anything.. it is such a blessing to be able to pay our bills, go on all expenses paid trips, work from home with my husband, set my own schedule and share products that I love.. all while building friendships! Which I so desperately needed in my life. How would it make you feel to have the flexibility to work from home? What would it mean to you to be able to earn money and achieve some BIG things?

This business can be a sometimes thing, an all the time thing or an every once in awhile thing. Hobby to part time income or replace an income, make this your job.
Let’s get you started!

Click here for the quick 5 minute sign up form! and use code JZUMBUSCH

Money management tips for new representatives (Updated 8/18/15)

How to increase your Avon earnings

My Favorite Avon Business Tool

Q. Can You Really Make Money With Avon?

A: YES! I will give you ONE example. Her name is Lisa Wilber. Lisa is referred to by Avon as “the best known Avon Representative in the world” Yes! Check out this graph Lisa Wilber made about her Leadership Earnings with Avon. Lisa Wilber is a mentor, trainer, and wonderful Avon lady! She provides services at Lisa Wilber EARNS on average $15,000 every two weeks! Here’s an interview with Lisa and she talks about her Avon business and how LUCRATIVE it is! She’s so inspiring! Plus, with all of the incentives and changes that Avon has been making, you WILL make money! Additionally, you will earn BONUSES when you share with your friends how you’re making money! Become a Beauty Boss!

Plus, Avon has incentives frequently where you’ll earn FREE product!

Click here to find out how Can Introverts Sell Avon?

Q. Is It Hard To Sell Avon?

A: Avon is one of the best known brands in the world, which makes it easy to sell. In fact 9 out of 10 people KNOW the Avon name! We’ve been around for 135 years! When you follow Avon’s proven formula for success, you will achieve and even exceed your dreams… I’ve done it and I’d love to share with you how I’ve done so!

Yes, it does take hard work, discipline and commitment. I have found that doing small daily tasks has kept the momentum in my business moving forward. When I want to work towards an incentive, I will put more time and energy into my business and get handsomely rewarded. For example, the NYC Makeup Maven trip I took! And all I had to do was record a short 4 minute video! See that video here! Don’t judge how awful it is… haha! It took me 8 hours to record because I was SO nervous! My husband left for work and I started recording and I was STILL recording when he came home! If you look closely you’ll see it was daylight for the first part of the video and dark out near the end!

There are many ways to build your Avon sales, you will find what works for you and I will help you brainstorm ideas for Avon to fit into YOUR life.

Here’s a few things I do:

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Unsure about selling Avon? Request a FREE Try It Kit!

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Q. What Other Fees Are Involved In Selling Avon?

A: Avon is making it simple and easy to run our Avon businesses! Avon has One Simple Fee. This covers the shipping of your order to your house FREE online Store website and FREE access to VIBE (to track your team’s sales and accounts). With my help, you won’t need to worry about this one simple fee since you will be earnings enough with Avon to cover all of your business expenses!

Q. What Is The Total Initial Investment Required to Start Up My Avon Business?

A: Avon has recently updated our Starter Sets and I’m super excited for you to see what is right for you!

Here’s the current Avon Starter Kits: click here.

When you join, your starter set gets mailed directly to you from Avon and arrives in 3-5 business days. No shipping fee to get it to your house AND you pay no taxes!

You get a free online store and you earn on every dollar that a customer spends. There is no required inventory to buy with Avon, no required order sizes or sales quotas that you have to meet. And it’s really fun!

To get started selling Avon, here’s a link for you to join right away.

  • Free online store (customized for YOU!) 24/7 so you can earn while you’re sleeping or on vacation
  • Free marketing tools you can run with
  • Free social media posts to share all the latest and greatest
  • Full access to our exclusive rep website to help manage your biz
  • Free on-demand training and tutorials to up your beauty game on Avon U

AND choose your free sign up gift (when you order the $30 kit)!

Before I go any further, I want to encourage you to choose a mentor or an advisor wisely.
Ask yourself:
Do I jive with their personality?
Do I believe this person has my best interest at heart?
Is this a person that I would invite over to my house or sit and have coffee with them?
If you want 1 on 1 support and training, someone to link arms with you and help you build a business that gives you the lifestyle that you want, and a leader that will help you reach YOUR goals, then I would LOVE to have you on our team!
You’ll have direct access to me, our wonderful community of ladies that all help support each other and encourage each other and we will have fun doing this together!
When you’re ready to start, it only takes 5 minutes. Go to and enter reference code JZUMBUSCH 

So, now let’s talk about the free gift that you get to choose when you join with the $30 sign up!

These  set gives you full-size products and a few brochures to help you start sharing, sampling and selling like a pro in no time!

One last thing, Avon can change any of these products at any time. Fortunately, they have been making GREAT changes to benefit us reps. So, likely, you’ll end up better off, if things may change.

Q. What Is An Avon Incentive?

A: Incentive programs run for a short period of time and reward qualifying Avon representatives for attaining certain achievements like growing sales, customers or recruitment during that time.

Avon offers incentives quite often to help you grow your sales, grow your team and reward you along the way.

I LOVE offering incentives to our team and sending them fun stuff in the mail! I love free stuff, so I like to send out free stuff! Although Gifts wasn’t high on my Love Languages (have you ever taken that test?), I still love making my team members smile with gifts!

Q. What Is A Selling Campaign?

A: The two-week selling period supported by a brochure that offers customers different products 26 times a year.

My Favorite Avon Business Tool

Q. What Information Will Be Required From Me In Order To Establish My Account?

A: As an Avon Representative, you will be starting your business (opening an account); as such we will require the standard personal information that is requested whenever credit is extended. Minimum credentials include: you must be over 18 years of age, have a drivers license, checking account, telephone and credit card with your name on it. (ATM card with the credit card symbol does count). You can also use a re-loadable prepaid card to set up your account. You also need internet access since much of our business is now conducted online.

Q. Does Avon Check Your Credit?

A: From what I have been told, Avon does not check your credit or your credit score. Avon does verify the address on your ID card. Avon just wants to make sure that you are who you say you are and not signing up under someone else’s information.

Your social security number is NOT required to open your Avon account!

Q. Am I Required To Attend Meetings?

A: The short answer? No. Your field coach may hold group meetings in your area designed to share product training or program incentives. If so, you will be contacted in advance in order to add the event to your calendar. When you attend the meetings or events though, you usually will receive some samples for your business or a goodie bag. The field coaches do raffles and giveaway products often too! They’re so much fun!

Plus it’s nice to meet other representatives in your area and hear what helps them make their business successful! I’ve always enjoyed going to the meetings because I will ALWAYS learn something about how to earn more money with Avon and you get to be inspired by all of the other representatives that have done what you’re starting to do! Avon has recently started having virtual meetings. Webinars and conference calls are often and most of the time there a replays so that you can watch on your time.

Our team has WEEKLY meetings/trainings! They’re fun, informative and it’s amazing partnering together to reach our goals!

Q. Is There Training For New Representatives?

A: Avon offers extensive, on-line training that you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to enhance your business called Avon University. Avon University offers so many webinars that are available to you as a representative including launching your business, best selling approaches, skin care webinars, makeup tutorials and many more to keep you busy learning!

Plus, when you join our team, we have New Representative get togethers online EVERY Monday! Since I’ve already done everything you will begin to do, I am a great resource for you as well! I can show you how my business fits easily into my everyday life and help you make money with Avon! After you join, let’s set up a time for a 1 on 1 chat!

Plus, so many Avon leaders share their success and knowledge about what has worked for their Avon business. I will share my list of Top Leaders to follow with you!

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Q. Do I Have To Have Parties?

A: You are not required to have any parties. However, many Representatives find group selling to be a very lucrative way to sell more products, broaden their customer base, and build their network marketing organization. If you do choose to participate in group selling, Avon offers various training and support materials to assist you.

Q. Do I Have To Keep Products On Hand?

A: At Avon, you are never required to keep a stock of products on hand. You may find, however, that your customers have personal favorites that are helpful for you to have available for last-minute needs. In addition, as a Representative, you are offered exclusive promotional opportunities to purchase products in advance.

Also, there are NO sales quotas or minimums you need to buy.

Q. How Often Do I have To Place An Order?

A: Avon has 26 sales campaigns throughout the year. Each campaign reflects a two-week selling period. Contacting your Customers every campaign gives them the opportunity to purchase their Avon favorites, see new products, and take advantage of special offers. You’ll find that contacting new and potential Customers on a consistent basis will result in your placing an order each campaign. If you decide to only place an order once a month, that is your decision BUT you will miss out on the special deals and new items during the missed campaign order.

Q. When And How Do I Submit My Orders?

A: You will submit orders online every campaign (2 weeks). Immediately when you become a representative, you will be given an order (RPS) schedule which details the dates orders are due and shipped. For example, my orders are due every other Monday by 11:59 pm and arrives at my doorstep that Friday.

Q. How Do I Pay For My Order?

A: At the time you submit your order, you will be asked to submit a payment to Avon which equals the wholesale “cost” of the products. Avon ships us the products and we take them and deliver to our customers. The customer will have already paid you the brochure price (retail). The amount you earn is the difference between the brochure price and the wholesale cost of the products.  You can immediately pay Avon by credit or debit card online or by phone.

You can also pay online directly from your checking account using Avon Quikpay. But this is not immediate – you will need to send a blank check into Avon to be signed up for this free service. Please do not send your personal check to Avon for payment of your order. You payment will not be processed and you will not be able to place your next order until your balance is $0.00. Check out my Money Management Tips for New Representatives.  

Q. Does Avon Set Me Up With A Personal Website?

A: YES! You can share your site with friends and family all over the United States AND U.S Military bases around the world! And this is FREE with your Avon account! No charges for your eStore! Your customers can order products that will be shipped to them directly from Avon and your customer pays the shipping fee.

Avon has FREE SHIPPING offers regularly and you can tell your customers when they are valid. Your customers can also choose Personal Delivery and their order will be included in your product order for you to deliver to the customers.

Q. Can You Make Money With Avon Online?

A: Absolutely! As a new representative, you earn 25% on all online orders through your eRepresentative/eStore site when you take advantage of the new incentive of NEW! Avon is offering New Representatives an opportunity to earn $3,250 in 4 months!! ! What a fantastic deal because you don’t even have to touch the product!

NEW!! Avon sets all representatives up with a Social Media Center and gives us all of the tools to show off what Avon has to offer with one click!

Q. How Do I Receive Future Brochures?

A: Every campaign (two weeks), you will place a product order. At that time, you will purchase your future brochures. Brochures are always ordered two campaigns in advance (four weeks) so that you will have them in plenty of time to include them in your Customers’ orders, and to share them with new or potential Customers.

For example when I am placing my campaign 8 order, I will be ordering campaign 10 brochures.

The prices for brochures are as follows:

  • 1 pack of 10 Books: $6.49

  • 2 packs of 10 Books: $9.78

  • 3 packs of 10 Books: $12.54

  • 4 packs of 10 Books: $15.04

  • 5 packs of 10 Books: $16.50

Books will cost $.33 each when you buy 50 or more. Every pack of 10 that you purchase beyond 50 will cost $3.30 (or $.33 each). Remember to share your online store by going to My Store at top right corner of AvonNow (desktop or app). You can also share a Book by going to your online store, clicking on The Book then sharing the link to the Book you wish to share.

Again, the goal is for you to be earning enough money that buying 100 brochures is easy. I will show you how!

(Updated 10/01/2021) I received a few FAQs from


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Would you like more tools to test and try with your Avon business? Check out more of my page… I’m sure you will find something you feel comfortable doing!
I am here to help you and provide with you any information I have!
I would love for you to join our awesome team!
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