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Thinking of selling Avon?

Thinking of selling Avon?

Are you thinking of selling Avon? What about working from home? Would you like to earn an extra $200-$500 a month working part time?




As you may know, being an Avon Representative is simple, fun and profitable primarily because Customers know and trust the Avon name and brand. Avon is of course one of the world’s largest Direct Selling Company.

At Avon, no minimum order, no sales quotas, no inventory to purchase, and no party kit to buy are just some of the benefits every Avon Representative enjoys. Avon is unlike almost all other Direct Selling companies in that regard. Your selling vehicle is, of course, the Avon brochure. You’re probably familiar with our iconic Avon brochure but what you may not know is you can also sell online with a personalized eStore that Avon provides to you free of charge! The average Representative earns between 30 and 35%. Our most successful, Representatives earn up to 50% commission on their sales. And best of all – you can join for $25, $50 or $100 depending on which starter kit you get! Read about Starter kits here. You might want to opt for our “self sign up” feature which allows you to open your Avon account online right away. Once completed, you can set up your eStore immediately and start selling online right away. Your new rep kit which contains your Avon brochures for your face to face selling will be shipped UPS the next business day.   What’s Next?




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