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Avon Recruiting Ideas – 30 Minutes or Less!

Avon Recruiting Ideas - 30 Minutes or Less!

Avon has some AMAZING earning opportunities right now for building your team. Want to earn $1,000? Our Rise Up incentive is easy to do! Have 3 friends join your team, have personal sales of $200 and a team unit sales of $1,000 (including your $200!) and earn $1,000! This is more money than I’ve ever seen Avon offer! This is doable!

Spend 30 minutes a day for 1 week and grow by 3 new team members… is that worth $1,000 to you? It is to me! I can easily spend 2.5 hours in 1 week and earn $1,000! That’s $400 an hour! Heck yes!

And this is just the beginning! Rise up to the next leadership level and earn ANOTHER $1,000!

  1. Pass out brochures/flyers/business cards at a strip shopping center, the office, EVERY WHERE YOU GO!
  2. Call/Text 10 people from numbers in the telephone directory. Even look at! Whitepages or check your local facebook groups!
  3. Call 5 former representatives that you know!
  4. Contact 10 old leads that never became active representatives.
  5. Prepare 20 postcards
  6. Walk around your neighborhood or subdivision and hand out brochures, flyers and business cards
  7. Email 15 friends/relatives to ask them to join your team
  8. Call 5 customers and help them enroll to become Avon reps to get their own discount
  9. Create 5 posters/flyers and place them on community boards
  10. Pass out brochures/flyers/business cards outside a grocery store – TIP: Go to 3 (or more) grocery stores in your town while you’re doing your own shopping! Split your shopping list to a few different stores!
  11. Get car washed and talk to the people in the waiting room
  12. Drive thru 10 fast food restaurants or just go in and hand out books!
  13. Pass out brochures/flyers/business cards as people are leaving a group gathering like bingo, movies, pta
  14. Prospect at family gatherings, birthday celebrations, reunions
  15. Prospect at “Unplanned opportunities”, while waiting for a customer who is running late, waiting for a medical appointment, waiting in line at a grocery store
  16. Put samples on 30 business cards of “Avon has a gift for you” cards to have ready for any opportunity
  17. Pass out brochures/flyers at 10 doctor and or dentist offices
  18. Prospect and pass out brochures to moms waiting to pick up children after school

New team members are everywhere but you gotta find them!

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