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Money Management Tips for New Avon Reps

Money Management Tips for New Avon Representatives

Money Management Tips for New Avon Reps

(Updated 8/18/2015)

Money Management Tips for New Avon Representatives – Avon’s goal is for you to earn as much money as possible to reach your dreams and goals. As you begin your Avon business, you will have a credit limit based on the information you provided when you signed up as an Avon Independent Sales Representative. Once joined as a representative, you will register and log on to and click on New Representative Center to view your credit limit.

Updated New Appointment Credit Policy
We’re excited to announce that effective August 1, we’ll be aligning the processes for determining credit with Avon for both self-appointments and face-to-face appointments. If an applicant is eligible and approved for credit, regardless of how he/she is appointed, he/she will receive a line of credit. If they qualify, they get credit, regardless of type of appointment!

With Avon, you will have a credit limit based on the information you provided when you were appointed as an Avon Representative. Your preliminary credit limit is communicated to you by the person who appointed you or immediately when you sign up online at and enter code JZUMBUSCH.

Once you get your account number, you register and log on to, you will see your initial credit limit as authorized by Avon.

Taking orders and requesting a deposit from your Customers:
• Based on the size of your order and credit limit, you may want to ask your Customers to pay when they place their orders.
Here is a suggestion of what you can say to your Customers:
“I am starting my own Avon business. To get my business established, I need to pay Avon when I place my order. To do that, I’m asking you to pay for your order now or make a deposit of at least 60%.”
• Be consistent in following up with your Customers. For example, establish a regular time to call Customers each campaign.
Delivering orders to your Customers:
• Call and confirm the date and time of delivery and the amount due.
• Always keep Avon money separate from personal money. I suggest getting a separate bank account for your Avon business to eliminate any confusion. This is what I do and get a money bag from your bank! It’s a great place to keep your receipt book, square reader and your Avon money until you can get to the bank.
• If you choose to accept credit card payments from your Customers, follow the instructions on the credit card form Avon provides (these are available under Sales Tools, when entering your first order). I also have a Square reader, which has been helpful at events. This way, you can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover directly on your phone.
• If you choose to accept checks as a form of payment from your Customers, they must be made out to you. Avon does not accept personal checks from Customers.
Making payments to Avon:
Payments should be made prior to submitting your next order.

Acceptable forms of payment include:

  • QuickPay/Quick Mobile (Avon’s secure online payment system, where you have complete control over your payment amount)
  • Debit Card/Prepaid Credit Card with a Visa/Mastercard Logo
  • Credit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover
  • Check or money order

If you chose to mail a check or money order payment, be aware that it could take up to 7 to 10 days to process. To mail, use the Payment coupon located on your invoice. Be sure detach the coupon to send with your form of payment as it contains your Account Number and the appropriate Avon mailing address. You will also want to write your account number on your form of payment to avoid processing delays.

By submitting and paying for your orders on time each campaign, you will strengthen your credit with Avon and be on your way to building a successful business. After 7 campaigns, Avon will review your credit limit and adjust accordingly.

Understanding Your – Estimated Order Amount vs. Billed Order Amount

When orders are referred to credit and are placed on hold, the hold order dollar amount is the Estimated Order Amount. The Estimated Order Amount does not include items that shorted during processing, Business tools, Back Order items, etc. However, if you have elected to take advantage of an item that is offered on delayed billing, even though you pay for the product a few campaigns later, these items ARE reflected in your estimated order amount. As a result, the Estimated Order Amount may differ from the Actual Billed Amount once the order is released from Hold and completes order processing.

Listed below is a complete list of items that are not included in the Estimated Order Amount:

Manual Shorts

  • Shorts from previous campaigns are not included in the estimated order amount – these items are included in the billed amount and reflected on the invoice
  • Shorts from current Campaign are included in the estimated order amount

Business Tools

Business tools are classified as non-sales items. These are items that are sent to Representatives to help you run your avon business successfully. These items include:

  • Payment Envelopes
  • Credit Card Forms
  • Samples
  • Campaign Brochures (including Outlets and What’s New)

Business tools are not included in the estimated order amount – these items are included in the billed amount and reflected on the invoice.

Shipping Fees and Taxes

Shipping fees and taxes are not included in the estimated order amount – these amounts are included in the billed amount and reflected on the invoice

Delay Pay

Delay pay items are not included in the estimated order amount – these amounts are included in the billed amount and reflected on the invoice

In addition to the support provided by your District Manager and/or your Sales Leadership Upline please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about your business by calling Avon Customer Care at 1-513-551-2866

Congratulations on starting your Avon business! Wishing you much success in the months to come!

Money Management for New Reps


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(Updated 8/18/2015)

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