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New Avon Starter Kits!

New Avon Starter Kits!

These kits are EXPIRED! Starting September 16, 2016! Click here for the NEW Starter Kits – You Choose!

Welcome Basic Starter Kit


When you start your Avon business for $15, you will receive this Welcome Basic Starter Kit in the mail directly from Avon. Learn experience, sample and earn with your Basic Starter Kit!

Check out my video of What’s in the Avon Starter Kit? 2016!

Welcome to Avon! Congratulations on starting your Avon business!

This Basic Starter Kit provides incredible tools to help you…

$15 Starter Kit:
· 2 full-sized products
· 15 samples
· Two packs of Avon brochures
· Two “What’s New” books
· 5 mark. Magalogs
· 5 Avon Living Magalogs (as of C24)
· New appointment book
· Pack of medium Avon logo paper tote bags
· Order book
· Welcome letter
· “Start Your Business” flyer
· Daily Care flyer
· Advanced Leadership flyers
· Avon-branded folder (to hold collateral)

LEARN > The What’s New is designed especially with the Avon Representative in mind. Read through its pages to get new product information, exclusive ordering opportunities and helpful selling tips.

The Avon University online courses are also available on to help jump-start your business.

TEST > The easiest way to sell a product is by using it yourself. Use the full-size products and share your results with potential customers.

SAMPLE > Share samples with potential customers. Once they try it, we hope they will love it!

EARN > Hand out brochures to family and friends and invite them to shop with you. Be sure to follow up in a few days for that Avon order.

These kits are EXPIRED! Starting September 16, 2016! Click here for the NEW Starter Kits – You Choose!

The Smart Value Kit and Elite Kit are OPTIONAL once you become a Representative.

Once you’re a representative, Avon is offering newly appointed Representatives a new $35 Smart Value Kit and $100 Elite Kit within your first 5 campaign orders. Representatives appointed before Campaign 19 who are within their first 5 campaign orders are eligible to place their order too!

There is still time to increase your potential sales and earnings (only available in your first 5 campaigns):

Smart Value Kit – Your Cost $35 (Over $125 value!)

Avon Smart Value Kit 2015


Help increase your selling success with some of Avon’s top-selling products. Use the full-size products and samples to help boost your business instantly!

Unleash your selling potential…

LEARN > How to be an Anew Expert, take the Skin Care online course on, under Avon University. Selling skin care is the key to more sales and higher earnings.

SHARE > Your Avon eStore for customers who want to shop online – they can even have the orders shipped directly to them.

EARN > Let potential customers experience the product for themselves by handing out samples. Sell the full-size products for on-the-spot sales.


Check out my Unboxing video of this Elite kit!

Elite Kit – Your Cost $100 (Over $350 value!)Avon Elite Kit 2015


Experience your best success with the Avon Exclusive Multi-Functional Tote Bag which includes a wide assortment of full-size products and samples.

You will be ready to take your business to the next level! Be the Avon Professional you were meant to be!

SHARE > The Avon Exclusive Multi-functional Tote Bag makes it easy to carry full-size products, samples and brochures for selling products on the go. Promote your Avon business everywhere and look stylish, too!

SHOW > Potential Customers that you are a true beauty expert! Impress them with your product knowledge and use the makeup tools and samples to close the sale.

BUILD > Use the business cards and recruiting flyers to share the Avon selling opportunity with others. Build your own sales team and unlock the power to increase earnings.

It’s as easy as…

“I just started my own Avon business and wanted YOU to be the first to try our new skin care product. There’s a special intro offers, so contact me today.”

“Did you know that Avon has really amazing skin care products for every skin type and skin care need? They’re really great and cost just a fraction of what you pay in the department store!”


These kits are EXPIRED! Starting September 16, 2016! Click here for the NEW Starter Kits – You Choose!


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