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My Opinion Counts!

Avon listens to their Representatives!

Avon listens to their Representatives!

My Opinion Counts!
Avon listens to their Representatives!


Have you worked for a company that values your opinion? Avon is always communicating with the representatives and eagerly awaiting our feedback. Avon cares about us representatives and are always looking for ways to better the Avon business and the representative experience!

I have received many invites from Avon to express my opinions on products and about the Avon business.

I received an email saying that Avon has selected me to give my views on some of Avon’s latest products! I also will be helping Avon to pick out some of the products that could appear in upcoming campaigns.

They state “As an Avon Representative, your opinion counts in determining what we offer you and your Customers.”

Isn’t Avon awesome?! They really value the opinions of the representatives! What other business does that?

The survey was a “game”.

The goal of the game is to guess what the average person would pay for a variety of styles and give them my thoughts on the styles.

After asking me some preliminary info such as age, ethnicity yrs as avon rep, etc, it was time to play the game!

I was shown a photo of an item and was asked to leave feedback about my views on the styles. There were about a dozen photos and this game was specifically about lingerie and under wear items including bras. Did you know Avon sells bras? At a great value too!

Along with the photo there was two different sliders. The first slider is to set price – what would they pay? What would the customer pay?

The second slider is to set sentiment – drag to the spot best represents how I feel about this item.

I LOVE working with a company that listens to my concerns and makes changes to suit us better. Fantastic!

Are you ready to get started with this GREAT company?


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