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How to Get Your First 3 Avon Team Members!

Avon Recruiting First 3 Team Members

Not Sure Where to Start Your Avon Teaming Building?

Have you wanted to start your Avon team but had no clue where to start? First, let me say, this is not a “spam your friends” or be pushy kind of thing. As a leader, I am not in the business of convincing or bothering people to join me. I’m in the business of believing in what I do! This business has been a huge blessing to me and my family and I love sharing with others the freedom of my time, the earnings, the fun trips, the lifelong friends I’ve made, the confidence this business has given me.

Today, I wanted to share with you, how to get your first 3 Avon team members in 24 hours!

Avon Team Grit & Grace is nationally ranked in the Top 20 for team size growth and me personally, I’m ranking in the top 10 for personal recruits. So please, take to heart what I share. It can be done!

So, instead of thinking “Who am I going to “get” today to join my team”, I think “who can I help today?”

There are people out there praying and wishing for an opportunity to… stay home with kids.. Earn extra money.. Leave job.. Pay off their debt. This is the best gift ever! This will change your life if you let it change your life! The greatest opportunity of your life!

So, why do you want to start to build your team with Avon? First, the unlimited income and that you get direct deposit from Avon every 2 weeks. It is a 2nd way to earn money with Avon and it pays you even if you aren’t able to work your business. For example, if you go on vacation and aren’t actively selling during that campaign, your team likely still will be and you’ll be earning off their efforts. Some of the top leaders in Avon have made $20,000 every 2 weeks based on their team sales. Yes, please! Sign me up for that! That is retirement money right there! Plus, the bonuses are fabulous, even if you aren’t a top leader. Currently, you’ll get a $500 bonus when you have at least 3 people on your team and you all have a campaign total order of $1,000 or more. This is doable!

The 2nd reason you want to start a team? Helping others reach their life goals and their life dreams is one of the most fulfilling things I do every day. I love partnering with others and helping them get to where they want to be in life.

Plus, as a leader, you get extra rewards, recognition, bonuses, fun opportunities when you are building a team. So, aim high and have fun doing this!

Building a team is very definitely a numbers game. But its not about blowing through a large number if people to find out who will stick. Instead, jts about giving everyone the opportunity then working with the ones who choose to work with you.

Most people won’t come to you and ask to join your team. You must ask, making no assumptions and no prejudgements.

If we look at the average, we find that first every ten people we talk to about our business opportunity, we can expect to have about one new person join our team.

Okay, so let’s talk about how to find your first 3 team members.

First, let’s look at our warm market, people we already know. Don’t over look the value of the people that you already know! 3 of my first team members were people that I knew from work and 2 previous co-workers. Brandie, Kanisha and Hillary.

For your sales business, hopefully you already made a list of 50 people you know. If you haven’t done that, now is the time. Make a list. Dont prejudge people and not write them down. Who do you know that you think may want an extra income? Even if you only know them on social media! That counts! Remember, I’m not going to ask you to be pushy or salesly. We are just offering this opportunity to see who may be interested.

First, put a star next to the top 20 dream team. These see people that you would love to work with, for whatever reason. You think ttheyee funny, they have makeup skills, theyee awesome on social media, they work with a lot of women, they are a stay at home mom. You have no idea if theyll actually want to do this.. but that’s ok!

Also, put on your list those people you know will ALWAYS support you. Family, your sister, cousin, aunt, close friends, church friends. This will help get you comfortable with conversations and sharing.

Remember… we’ll have at least 10 conversations to have 1 person say yes.

What do you say to them?

Be honest. Be yourself. I think my first messages were something like” “I’ve just started a new business and I’m scared to death. Before I get going I need to practice on someone friendly. Would you mind if I practiced on you?

I don’t like “SPAMMY” messages, so my goal is to not send those! But I was hoping you could help me. I’m looking for 3 people that might be looking for a strong business they can run from home? Do you know anyone that might be interested? Not big deal if not, just wanted to ask!

“Hey! I don’t know if you’ve seen but I’ve been having a really fun time since starting Avon. You’re (COMPLIMENT) and I thought you’d be really awesome at this! Is this something you’d be interested in? Not big deal, if not! Just wanted to ask!

I’ll be honest, when I first started talking to people it was akward and I sucked at it. So, if you do too… that’s ok! That actually means you’re on the right path and learning these new skills/habits. Here’s the great news:

Eventhough I was horrible and didn’t know what I was doing, I started building a team.

My hands have been sweaty, my voice has been shaky. My stomach was doing flip flops. Everyone has had to fight thru this. The successful ones, weve all had to fight thru this. The best way to overcome fear is to feel it.. and do it anyway! So take a deep breath. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Your goal/dream has to be bigger than your fear. Dont let fear control your future

You will for sure get at least 1 person to join you from your warm market list. Remember the averages… for every 10 people you ask, 1 will join.

How to get your 2nd team member? Work your business online! Set up a google business page. Create a post on your social media page and use the Avon social pre-made posts. Share your story about WHY you decided to join Avon and ask “If you want to achieve the same kind of goals like I do, let’s do this together!”

You can also create a post on local Facebook garage sale sites. Every community has several local pages, so share on there! You can also use the apps Next Door, Offer Up, Yelp, Craigslist, Varage Sale. Moving forward, you can continue doing these types of posts. It is not a 1 and done activity. Do it 3 times a week.

Also, be reaching out to new people through social media daily. Ultimately, it’s about building friendships. So go to pages of tv shows you watch or something where you’ll have a common interest with someone. I love the show Outlander and so I go to the Outlander page on Facebook and Instagram and make new friends! I get really good at having conversations and then share the opportunity. Remember how I said earlier that someone may be praying for this opportunity? I want to make sure they know the possibilities in this business without me being spammy or salesy.

The last way to get a team member is by branding yourself as the local Avon rep. During your daily errands hang up flyers on bulletin boards in your laundromat or at your grocery store. Have a decal on your car or put a sign in your front yard. I also put labels on the front of my books with a little tid bit about the Avon opportunity.

Now that you know the ins and the outs of how to get your first 3 Avon team members. Set a goal to do it in 24 hours! When you work quick, you’ll gain so much momentum and fear won’t be able to stop you AND you’ll be getting direct deposits sooner and building some residual income!



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