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Can Introverts Sell Avon

Can Introverts Sell Avon? Tips for Selling Avon as an Introvert

Hey friends! Jessica here! When I first started my Avon business, I was super shy, a major introvert, nervous to talk to people and really had no belief that I could make this business work for me. I thought “Can Introverts Sell Avon?” Well, today, I’m going to share with you a few tips about how I’ve been able to sell Avon as an introvert.

And make sure to stay till the end to find out how to connect with me and sky rocket your business as an introvert. Can Introverts Sell Avon? I’ll show you how!

Believe it or not, introverts can be great at this business because they tend to already be skilled at building rapport, listening, and empathizing with people or customer needs.

1. Manage Energy

Focus on energy management, not time management. I know that, as and introvert, the more conversations I have, the less energy I have. I get drained when I use lots of brain power or have a lot of distractions or things going on.

My introvert energy is just like a battery on my cell phone. When I work (and there is always work to be done), I need to use my battery wisely. I think the secret to high performance as an introvert is to optimize around your natural ebbs and flows.

2. Fill up your Cup/Battery First

To fill my battery up, I always have about an hour of quiet time in the morning, where I journal, pray, do my daily bible study, and get my mind right for all the activities of the day. Must always connect with yourself first before connecting with anyone else. Miracle Morning. Can Introverts Sell Avon? They sure can just make sure you take the you time that we so desperately need!

3. Track your Energy and Activities – Do Things You Enjoy

For one week keep track of your workday activities. Rate how much each energizes you. Look for patterns in the times of day you feel most alert. Limit or eliminate tasks that drain you. Do more of what sustains you.
So, find a way to be Be social that fits your style. I started growing my business with social media and online BECAUSE I’m an introvert. I like 1 on 1 conversations. When it comes networking, focus on quality of relationships over quantity.  

You can create an alter-ego and go online. Sasha Fierce! Find where you thrive. Find where you’ll actually show up to do the work. I don’t care what you do. So pick, where you want to show up. Is it on Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? Podcast? And do it Every day. Show up every day.

4. Use scripts, systems, templates, daily methods of operations.

I can just go online, do the thing, prospect, find leads, find groups, do it all systematically. Different platforms for different personalities. You can build systems around all the things and then just do it consistently! (I teach that! My systems and how to do is consistently). Work hard, show up and do it consistently, you’re going to win.

Can Introverts Sell Avon? YES!

Of course Introverts can sell Avon it is like we were built for it. Especially in the age of the internet. Thanks for coming along and I hope to hear from you on social media! Have fun!

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