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how to sell Avon products

How to sell $200 in Avon Products Each Campaign

How to sell $200 in Avon Products Each Campaign


how to sell Avon products


  1. Automatic Emails from your Avon Website to your Customers. Avon automatically sends an email EVERY day to your Customers.

    1. Enroll on your Avon Online Store as a customer, so you receive all of the fantastic deals that your customers receive. My Avon Online Store is:

    2. Keep your customers Emails Current

  2. The Monday of the week your orders are due, personally email/call or text any customer who has not placed an order with you.

    1. SUGGEST a specific product for them based on past Buys from this customer. Use the item on the back of the brochure, these are always great deals!

    2. Copy and paste the URL of the specific brochure page of where the product is located into the email. Then, the customer can click on the link and be directed straight to the product

    3. Follow up the Wednesday before orders are due and ask if they are ready to place their order for the product you personally selected for them.

  3. Sell Skin Care!!

    1. Excellent Product!!

    2. Repeat Customers! (every 3-4 months they will need to replenish!)

    3. Always Something New!

    4. Typical Skin Care Customer will spend $40

  4. Use your Facebook Page

    1. Advertise Sales (Use the Social media center in your Web Office on

    2. Advertise when Free Shipping Specials are Happening (you will know about them because you’ll be getting the emails too! After you sign up on your eStore as a customer).

    3. Highlight Fab 5 Products

    4. Have your own Favorites you post at the beginning of each Campaign EX: “Tiffany’s Top Picks”

  5. When you hand out brochures, have specific pages tabbed with Neon Post it Notes that have “Your Picks” on them.

  6. When delivering orders, give a brochure to EVERY customer. AND have THREE items highlighted with Neon post it notes in each brochure that you PERSONALLY choose for that SPECIFIC Customer – be a personal shopper!!

  7. Order from the What’s New Catalogue and wear that product everywhere. Tell everyone that they can order this from Avon.

  8. Host an Avon Party

    1. In Your Home

    2. In A Friend’s Home

    3. At a Neighborhood Club House

    4. On FaceBook

  9. Hold a Referral Incentive. If a current Customer, refers a new customer then they receive a free Avon product. In fact, add a second brochure to their bag and have them share with a friend or family member!

  10. Use your Personal Stories about what has worked for you. Take Before and After Pictures and Post on Face Book or take with you to show your Customers when you deliver Orders.

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