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48 Hour Challenge for new Avon representatives

48 Hour Challenge for New Avon Representatives!

48 Hour Challenge for New Avon Representatives!

Limited Time Offer Daily Care Collection! As a new Avon Representative, I’m looking forward to helping you with all of your beauty and business needs!

Try this value-packed collection featuring popular Avon hair and body care products. This exclusive offer is only available in your first order as an Avon Representative! Don’t miss out!

Do YOU want to get your Avon business off to a GREAT start? Do you want to make MONEY TODAY? If the answer is YES, then the 48 hour challenge is for you!

List 5 people you can see in the next 48 hours to get $100 in orders (friends, family, coworkers). Order one set for yourself to demo products next campaign!

Tell your new customers “I’m so excited I just started my Avon business! Would you help support me and get my business off to a great start by purchasing one of these exclusive bundles?” They’re sure to say “YES!”

I will follow up with YOU in 48 hours! When you get $150 or more in total orders, you will qualify for earning $1,000 in 90 days!

Need help with who to contact? Use 40 Customers in 4 Minutes to help jog your memory!

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