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Easy way to get Avon Customers

Easy way to get Avon Customers

Are you looking for an easy way to get Avon customers? Are you new to the Avon business and would like customers? Here’s a great idea!

Easy way to get Avon Customers

This wonderful idea and photo is from the wonderful Lisa Wilber!

This is a very simple and inexpensive way to promote your business and get local Avon customers. Carry around an Avon bag and write on it “Ask Me for an Avon Brochure!” This is definitely a conversation starter and help connect you with people that want Avon service!

It’s easy to chat with people when they first talk to you!

Carry this around with you when you’re grocery shopping, set it on the table when you’re dining at a restaurant and bring it

Ask them “When’s the last time you’ve seen an Avon brochure?”


Your bag should contain:

  • Avon Brochures
  • Paper and Pen to get new customer’s information (name, phone number and email) to follow up
  • Samples
  • One product to demonstrate – a piece a of jewelry to show off or give them a squirt of the new hand cream!

Easy peasy! Grow your Avon business with customers!


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