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Favorite Avon Business Tool

My Favorite Avon Business Tool

My Favorite Avon Business Tool

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my Favorite Avon Business Tools! Use this tool to make your Avon Business Boom!

It is our Customer Follow Up List!

I use this to keep track of my customers and to make sure that I am giving them brochures every campaign. I also make a check when I do my follow up. This helped me build the habit of servicing my customers into my business.

Try this out for 3 months and you’ll see success! Can you commit to doing this to see if you get sales? Because it worked for me!

How does this work? You write your customer, name, address or email address, phone number. Then at the top here, you write what campaign.

For example, we are currently in Campaign 5, so I’d start with Campaign 5. This will go until campaign 17. There’s notes here on the bottom, that you can use. I usually write a B when I deliver the brochure, sometimes add a date.

Then I make sure to follow up with them and I make a check mark when I do. (When you follow up, you won’t always get a response, and that’s OK!)

Make this customer list your own! Write the date, how you contact your customers, their favorite things, their birthday, an anniversary coming up, their grand kids names.

I even write places I deliver brochures to every campaign – our Mexican restaurant, local motel, apple peddler restaurant, nail salon, laundromat. I don’t even necessarily write their “official” name. Just for ME to remember where to leave brochures every campaign.

Add new customers your customer list EVERY campaign and write down the names of the people that you come in contact with and give brochures to.

My customers become my friends! Ask for referrals – your customer neighbors and add those to your list!

Use this Customer Follow up List and Build consistency in your business.

That’s part of Avon and getting sales. Keep doing the action items (sowing seeds or consistently giving brochures out) and you’ll see results. The law of averages always plays out.

That’s it for today! I’d love to hear how you keep track of your customers and if you find this tool helpful!

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