Top 15 Reasons to start selling Avon

Top 15 Reasons to Start Selling Avon

Top 15 Reasons to Start Selling Avon

Top 15 Reasons to Start Selling Avon:

Top 15 Reasons to start selling Avon

For over 129 years Avon has been changing peoples’ lives and making their dreams come true with a business opportunity you can believe in.

  1. It’s only $25, $50 or $100 to sign up! These prices are based on which starter kit you opt to get.
  2. FREE training and coaching – as little or as much as you like! Complete marketing, sales and personal empowerment materials at your fingertips – from prospecting flyers to online courses, energize your sales and your life.
  3. As a new representative you can save  up to 50% on your own orders and earn the same on orders you collect from friends, family, co-workers. Why pay retail when you can order wholesale?
  4. No minimum orders are required. You order only what you want/sell.
  5. No need to carry an inventory. Only purchase what you sell.
  6. Take orders when, where, and how you want. No territories. NO PARTIES!
  7. FREE eStore for your family and friends to shop online. Avon ships directly to them and you earn credit for what they order!
  8.  Great incentive programs, recognition and rewards! Bask in the glow of success, from financial incentives to paid vacations and company awards! Avon rocks at this!
  9.  Too Busy? You’re just the person we are looking for! Don’t change your lifestyle; just give an AVON brochure to people you already see.
  10.  Exciting new brochures every 2 weeks! Plus, you get to see all the great new products and gifts and order them when you want; up to two months before the brochures go out to the customers.
  11. Scholarships, healthcare and 401K retirement plans available for you and your family. Including extra discounts at places like Sprint, T-Mobile, Office Depot and Dell!
  12. Avon provides a FREE web office suite to manage your customers and entire business.
  13. Thinking of starting a blog? Avon provides a FREE blog on your online eStore!
  14. Incredible earnings potential – sell and share the opportunity with those you recruit and mentor for greater financial rewards. Become a LEADER in AVON with our leadership program and receive CASH bonuses and residual income.
  15. There’s NO RISK! No obligations! You can quit anytime if you find Avon is not a fit for you. No cancellation fees, no contracts!

There are my Top 15 Reasons to Start Selling Avon. I hope you have found them helpful! Reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Take 5 minutes to join – it can change your life!

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