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80 Avon Tips to grow your business

80 Avon Tips to Grow your Business

80 Tips to Grow your Business

80 Avon Tips to grow your business

  1. Whenever possible, give your product as a gift. I keep a little bit of stock of hand creams, bubble baths, mascaras and lip balms to give out as gifts. Avon shampoo, conditioner and hand soap are great house warming gifts and host gifts!
  2. Ask every single customer if they would like to join you in your business.
  3. Promote your business as a “family” business and give examples.
  4. Remember your customer’s children and spouse’s names
  5. Don’t be pushy; sincerely and honestly tell potential recruits why they would be good at this!
  6. Leave your old catalogs in public places with “Help Wanted” stickers
  7. If someone feels they are too busy because they are already employed outside the home, tell them they can be the “on-site” Representative for your company.
  8. BE EXCITED about what you do!
  9. Indirect method of asking “Do you know of anyone who might be interested…”
  10. Follow up within 24-48 hours.
  11. Keep information given simple and to the point.
  12. “Take away” method of asking… “I don’t know if this would be right for you, but this has been the best thing for me and my family…”
  13. Put business cards in all of your bills.
  14. Have a recruiting message on your answering machine.
  15. Laminate a kit flier to pass around at your parties.
  16. Put recruiting information in every hostess packet
  17. Send recruiting information out with every catalog
  18. Give recruiting information to every guest with their catalog and order form.
  19. Use and wear your products
  20. Ask guests at parties lots of questions about themselves to determine needs
  21. Collect 100 “no’s”!
  22. Ask for help from your Upline recruiter or District Manager
  23. Put your “story”of why you joined Avon in every catalog
  24. Talk about your business everywhere.
  25. Make a note of how you spend the profits from your business and mention it at parties
  26. Put a “sale” sticker on everything in your catalog that you have now to sell
  27. Send postcards to potential recruits from company sponsored events like conventions and trips!
  28. Tell them To start selling Avon only cost $15—earn up to 50%
  29. Ride with your Upline or manager to learn how to appoint new Reps
  30. Share the opportunity with 5 to 10 people every day
  31. Have lots of recruiting information on hand.
  32. Make up 50 recruiting packets and put them on your desk as a visual … think how many new team members you will have as that pile shrinks.
  33. Keep a recruiting notebook of everyone you’ve talked to about the business with their name address phone and email.
  34. Follow up, follow up, follow up!
  35. The next time you receive a call from a telemarketer, ask them if they like their job and then tell them about yours (worse case, they’ll hang up on you!!!)
  36. Put your catalog in baby changing stations.
  37. Leave your business card in lockers at the gym or pool.
  38. At least once a year call through your entire customer base
  39. Anytime anyone calls you (about your business), be sure to say… “before I let you go, I’m looking for people to join me in this business, do you know of anyone who might like more information about doing what I do?”
  40. Encourage people at parties to ask questions about what you do.
  41. Declare a monthly recruiting goal, and share that goal with your spouse.
  42.  Post your goal in several places around the house.
  43. Take your monthly goal, multiply by 10 and then number the lines of a spiral notebook accordingly. (example, if 4 a month is your goal, number 1-40 on individual lines). This is your Master List of new people to talk to each month about the business.
  44. Break your goal down to a daily level of activity (in the above example, you would need to ask 2 people to join you each day – Monday through Friday).
  45. Ask your hostess to help you look for potential recruits at her party.
  46. Let your hostess know anyone you recruit at her party would be on her team.
  47. Call up potential recruits and let them know they were on your mind & why.
  48. Don’t get discouraged.
  49. Remember, you are sorting NOT convincing!
  50. Tell people to put your business card in their wallet and if their wallet is ever empty, to give you a call!
  51. Make sure that friends and relatives are on the lookout for people who might join you in the business.
  52. Make sure friends and relatives know what it is that you do!
  53. Book and hold lots of Avon parties!
  54. Display “Help Wanted” signs at your Avon parties
  55. Ask top recruiters in your company to share their best tip
  56. Play lively upbeat music on your way to your parties
  57. Make a goal to pass out information to at least 2 people at every Avon party you do or that you attend.
  58. Mention recruiting in non-direct ways at your parties by story telling (my kids love that I can go on field trips with them because my hours are so flexible!)
  59. Ask your hostess to think of every pregnant person and every teacher she knows
  60. Don’t prejudge!
  61. When talking with someone you don’t know, ask them what they do (they’ll ask you back!)
  62. Have a great 10 second commercial about what you do!
  63. Talk about the great tax benefits that you are able to take advantage of because you have a home business.
  64. Think about WHY you joined and WHY you LOVE what you do!
  65. Ask neighbors to “test” products for you.
  66. Listen, listen, listen to what people say at parties and when mingling in crowds. You never know what you might hear!
  67. IF I COULD SHOW YOU A WAY (“If I could show you a way that you could work from home and not have your children in daycare, would you be interested?”)
  68. ALPHABET SOUP! – Think of potential prospects by letters of the alphabet (who do you know who is an Accountant, Banker, Clerk) you get the picture!
  69. Have your Upline , District Manager or recruiter role play a recruiting appointment with you—Ask to ride with them so you can observe what they do.
  70. Have your District Manager or Upline recruiter listen in on your recruiting phone calls and critique your technique
  71. Observe a party given by a consultant who is a strong recruiter in your area
  72. Get as much training as you can on recruiting….it will help you stay focused!
  73. Critique yourself! After each recruiting phone call or appointment, journal what went well and what you’ll do differently next time. Learn from your mistakes!
  74. Work to cultivate a large POOL of potential recruits! That way you’re not focusing on the same people over and over again.
  75. FAYC (Forget about yourself completely)..when you are focused on what your business will do for others, you will NEVER feel like you are pushing; you’re giving a gift!
  76. Work on recruiting daily and it will become a habit, like brushing your teeth!
  77. Talk about “job testing” the business
  78. Don’t take “no’s” personally…you’re that much closer to a yes.
  79. Don’t forget to close after giving information…. “So, what do you think??”
  80. JUST DO IT!!!!


Whew! What a list! Use these tips and grow your business!


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