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New Rep Incentive – Daily Care Collection

Limited Time Offer! As a new Avon Representative, I’m looking forward to helping you with all of your beauty and business needs! Try this value-packed collection featuring popular Avon hair and body care products. This exclusive offer is only available in your first order as an Avon Representative! Don’t miss out!

New Rep Incentive – Daily Care Collection – What a great value! This collection can ONLY be ordered in your first campaign and will count towards your $100 award sales for your Hit $100 challenge!

The Daily Care Collection bundle is the perfect tool to help you find new customers and the best way to tell your family and friends about your Avon business. The collection contains the type of products that everybody uses every day! This 6 piece bundle has a regular brochure value of $38 for only $19.99. It’s only available for you to offer your Customers during your first Campaign. Think of all the people you know and challenge yourself to share this great offer with as many of them as you can. Why not set an earnings goal for your first Campaign? How many bundles would you need to sell to achieve it? This bundle will help you develop a strong base of new Customers!

I would take this to everyone you know and say:

“I’m so excited – I just started my own Avon business so that I can ___. I have an exclusive offer for my first customers. It’s a regular brochure price of $38 in bath and personal products for just $20 and only available this week. Will you be my first customer?”


Text to your friends:

“I just started my own Avon business and wanted YOU to be the first to try our bath & body collection. It’s six products, a $38 regular brochure price for only $20. How many bundles would you like?”


Post on social media:

“Calling all friends and family to help me start my Avon business! This week only I have an exclusive offer for my first customers where you can pamper yourself from head to toe with a collection of six bath and body products – regular brochure price of $38 for just $20. Ask me for details.”


What is your earning potential from just selling this bundle?

5 bundles x 19.99 x 20% = $19.99

10 bundles x 19.99 x 30% = $59.97

20 bundles x 19.99 x 35% = $139.93

30 bundles x 19.99 x 40% = $239.88

50 bundles x 19.99 x 45% = $449.77

80 bundles x 19.99 x 50% = $799.60

Wow! Lots of opportunities for you! I will help you if you let me know your goals!



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