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Start Avon Today and earn a FREE Trip to the Bahamas!

Start Avon TODAY and earn a FREE Trip to the Bahamas!

Start Avon TODAY and earn a FREE Trip to the Bahamas!


Vacation like a boss at Atlantis!

Start Avon Today and earn a FREE Trip to the Bahamas!

SAVE THE DATE! JUNE 11-14, 2017     4 Days, 3 Nights!
Avon has come out with an opportunity an amazing incentive – For everyone that joins the business or anyone that is already in the Avon business to go to ATLANTIS, BAHAMAS!

I am looking to partner with YOU and help you earn this incentive! When is the last time you took a vacation? What about a fun get away with your loved one? Step away from the craziness of life and take an ALL EXPENSES PAID VACATION!

So.. who wants to go with me? Are you ready to get started?

YOU CAN EARN THIS! 4 days, 3 nights!  SAVE THE DATE! June 11-14, 2017!

The rules are SIMPLE! It is SO easy to achieve! All you have to do, is join the business and bring 5 people to join your team! All 5 of those people have to place a first or second order of $150. They pay for it and you’re on the way to earning this incentive. The final step – within the next 2 months, you and at least 3 of your team members have to have at least $1,000 in order in 1 campaign.That’s it! That’s all you have to do!


Vacation Like A Boss is happening Campaigns 3-9.

There are many different ways to earn this trip for ONE or for TWO! This is a You Do, You Get. Not a drawing, not a raffle. You earn the points, YOU GO!
All inclusive – airfare, hotel, meals, drinks and MORE paid for!

What do you have to do to get there?

TRIP FOR ONE (need 2,500 pts)

Sell $300 every campaign (3-9) = 525 Pts

Have 3 people join your business = 1200 Pts

Title as Bronze Ambassador (Unit sales of $1,000) = 1,000 Pts

Total = 2,725 Pts


TRIP FOR TWO (need 4,000 pts)

Sell $300 every campaign (3-9) = 525 Pts

Have 9 new team members = 2,700 Pts

Title as Bronze Ambassador (Unit sales of $1,000) = 1,000 Pts

Total = 4,225 Pts

You ALSO will be earning $20 for every new team member, a scratch it ticket with AWESOME prizes, where every ticket is a winner of an ipad, $100, $1,000, trip to Disney World and grand prize $10,000!

AND there’s more! When you have the $1,000 in your team sales you, you will start to earn commission on your team sales, which is residual income

AND will earn a $500 Promotion bonus!

Every Scratch It is a WINNER! Avon is giving away iPads, Avon product, 60″ TVs, trip to Disney World, Grand prize $10,000!


For building your Avon business through Campaign 9, you’ll earn:

  1. A Trip for One (or Two!) to the Bahamas – All Expenses Paid!
  2. $500 Promotion Bonus (when you title to Bronze Ambassador)
  3. $20 for every new team member
  4. Winning Scratch It Tickets!
  5. PLUS, commission earnings on your team sales and personal sales!

You have to be crazy to not even TRY to go for this! I’ve been selling Avon for almost 10 years and this is the most lucrative time to be earning and celebrating with Avon!

Earn an unforgettable trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas! AND anyone can earn this incentive!

In the almost 10 years that I’ve been selling Avon, NOW is the most lucrative time! Very exciting!

Watch this video from Avon:

Want to make a plan for this? Contact me today! I will help you!

Start selling AVON now!

There are SO many resources to help you earn this! Need help developing a strategy? Contact me and let’s start packing our bags!

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