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8 Ways I’ve Gained Avon Customers

8 Ways I’ve Gained Avon Customers

Hi friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to share with you my top 8 ways I’ve gained Avon customers. Make sure to hit subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up to date on my latest videos that I release every week!

Also, if you aren’t a current Avon rep, I would love to help you with your business. I put a link below for you to click on and get your business started.

8 ways how I’ve gained my Avon customers

  1. Events – I LOVE doing events because it gets me in front of many people and my brochures in the hands of potential customers. I like to do community vendor events and holiday tables. The biggest event in my area is a rodeo every year and so I set up a booth and offer our Skin So Soft and Bug Guard products. Plus, I usually try to have a small giveaway and collect contact info of everyone that enters. When I first moved to a new area, I did an event and received 60 entries to my giveaway. They didn’t all turn out to be customers but that’s ok! I got some wonderful new customers (that order every campaign) AND made some new friends. Win Win!
  2. Brand Myself as the local Avon lady (car, pin, shirt, brochures). I love wearing Avon logo shirts, a button or pin that says Avon and making myself known that I am the local Avon lady. I also have a sign out in my front yard. My husband and I live out in the country and on a dirt road… so I didn’t think that my sign was very effective but at the last event I did, I had somebody say “Oh, do you live on such and such road?” And I was kind of like “Yes.. I do…??” She said she saw my sign! So, it works! I also have a decal on my car and I thought that everybody at my church knew that I was the Avon lady… but a couple weeks ago, I was at a women’s bible study and a lady came in and said “Who has the Avon car?” I kind of raised my hand and was like “Me!” Well, she just placed a $50 order! So, brand yourself as the Avon lady!
  3. Power of 5! This goes with branding yourself as the Avon lady… I leave brochures everywhere I go! Laundromat, nail salons, post office, grocery store- have them put in their break room. Always leave the house with 3-5 brochures and don’t come home with them. You might have to practice the art of small talk and starting conversations… but keep trying! I found at first I was a bit awkward and kind of weird.. but I promise it gets easier! So keep trying.
  4. Helpers – I love my helpers. These are my friends and family that bring a brochure or two to their workplace or share with their friends and family and collect orders for me. It’s an easy way to increase my sales and I offer my helper a small product like hand cream or mascara or even a discount on their own personal order.
  5. Videos! Facebook Live videos and YouTube videos are a great way to increase your customer base and your team. I love doing videos sharing my top picks of what’s in the current brochure and videos about the Avon opportunity. I share what I think is important to know and my favorite things about selling Avon and also my Avon story.
  6. Door to Door and hanging brochures on doors. I want you to be aware… this is a great way to get extra exercise and be out in your community. My experience is that when I leave 100 brochures, I may only get a few customers. This is not the most efficient way to gain customers.. that is talking to people face to face and getting their contact information. But if you happen to have a lot of brochures and even old brochures, this is a wonderful way to get them out of your house! I always make sure to have my online store info on the brochures that I hang on doors and hope that these potential new customers will order online.
  7. Facebook Group with my photo – Do you belong to local Facebook groups, garage sale groups or buy sell and trade sites? A few times when I have been out delivering orders and brochures to my customers, I’ll take a photo of myself and the current brochure and I simply said “Hi, I’m your local Avon lady! I’m out and about delivering our newest brochure.. would you like me to drop one off at your house? No pressure to buy.. they’re fun to look through!” The last time I did it, I received 4 new customers and 1 ordered that night on my online store. To me, that is success!
  8. Parties – I love getting together with my friends, family and a few of my customers. Parties are great to share our latest products, give away some stock that I have on hand and even sell a few things! Plus, I tell my customers that when they bring a friend, I’ll give them both a gift! Usually it’s something like a hand cream, our eye makeup remover lotion or a mascara. Who doesn’t like free gifts?

Here is a Recap

  1. Events
  2. Brand myself as the local Avon lady
  3. Power of 5!
  4. Helpers
  5. Videos
  6. Door to door and hanging brochures on doors
  7. On Facebook Groups with my photo
  8. Parties
I encourage you to take all or as many of these as you can and make them yours. We are all different and making ideas work for you is key. What are some of your favorite ways to gain customers? Comment below! As always, I’m here to help you and support you. I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!



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