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What’s Hot!? Campaign 8, 2018 – Loving My Hair and Nails!

What’s Hot!? Campaign 8, 2018 – Loving My Hair and Nails!

Hi friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to share with you What’s Hot!? in Campaign 8, 2018. For one I am Loving My Hair and Nails!

We have some super super cute fashion and once again, I wanted to spend all of my money. But I’ve had to practice self discipline! Avon has put together so many fashion pieces that you can mix and match and build your best wardrobe for everyday style.

Look at how adorable this skirt and top are on the cover! I really wanted to buy it… and I still might… but I decided to first get this Lucy dress in blue with anchors.

Lucy Dress with Anchors

Lucy Dress - What's Hot!? Loving My Hair and Nails

The reason I was really excited to get this was because if you haven’t heard.. Avon had an incentive to earn a cruise to Bermuda, all expenses paid.. and I earned it for 2! So my wonderful husband gets to go along too! Yay! So, I thought this was a fun dress to help me celebrate and to wear on the ship. Have you ever been on a cruise? I’d love to hear your experience, so please share in the comments below! We’ve never been and are really excited! Back to this dress… it is super comfortable and sells for $24.99. What do you think? I love it! There is also a red one with sailboats.

Shop Lucy Dress with Anchors – $24.99


Glimmersticks - What's Hot!? Loving My Hair and Nails

Next item I really wanted to point out is our Glimmersticks. This is a fabulous deal! If you haven’t tried any of our eye liner, lip liners or brow liners, now is the time! Customers RAVE about our Glimmersticks and you can get any 3 for $9! Which is a steal since they normally sell for $7 each. Click the link below to grab yours before this deal is gone!

Shop Glimmersticks – 3 for $9 (limited time offer)

Supreme Nourishment Bonus Size

Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Supreme Nourishment Body Lotion - What's Hot!? Loving My Hair and Nails

I know I shared in my last video that I am a huge lotion person. I have several different lotions on my bathroom counter and I have 4 different hand creams here on my desk. But one lotion that I never got without is our Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment body lotion. This comes in a HUGE bottle with a pump (I like the pump) and this lasts me quite awhile. These normally sell for $14 each but you can get them any 2 for $21 in this brochure! This size is a local customer favorite of mine, especially since you can get 7 different types of lotion with different scents. This supreme nourishment has vanilla and macadamia nut… smells so nice and warm. You can also get our intensive healing and repair that is for sensitive skin and fragrance free.

Supreme Nourishment Bonus Size – 2 for $21 (limited time offer)

Espira Beauty Inside & Out System

Espira Beauty Inside & Out System - What's Hot!? Loving My Hair and Nails

One of the last items I wanted to talk about is our Espira Beauty Inside & Out system. This is designed to rejuvenate your hair, skin and nails. And let me tell you.. this stuff works! I’ve been taking it since the beginning of the year and I see a HUGE different in my nails and my hair. My nails are stronger, they don’t break, split or crack and they grow like crazy. My hair is normally very thin, fine and doesn’t have a lot of life to it. I have NEVER in my life gotten compliment on my hair but last week, I had 3 people… 3 people!! Compliment my hair! So, I absolutely know this stuff is working. My hair has gotten more full, it seems like I have more hair.. which is amazing. This stuff is life changing! There is an AM protect, which is 2 pills you take in the morning and a PM restore which is a powder that you mix with water to drink at night. I’m telling you.. this stuff is amazing! Try it out! You WILL see a different! These sell individually for $30 but you can get the am and pm for $54! I highly encourage you to try these and see the results that I’ve been seeing.

Shop Espira Products

A Box

Fresh Picks A Box - Loving My Hair and Nails

Last item! Is our A Box! How beautiful is the box, with this pretty pink blush color on it. But what is even better, is what’s inside! This is our fresh picks for us to swing into spring! Perk up your pout and nails with pops of juicy red. Add a waterproof glimmerstick eyeliner, and a spritz of scent with our rare pearls travel spray and our Big & False Volume Mascara in Blackest Black. All of this for only $10!!! Yay! $10 with any $40 purchase.

That’s it for today in What’s Hot! Have questions? Want samples? I’m here to help! Until next time! Bye!

Shop Newest A Box!


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