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HIT $100 New Representative Incentive

Hit $100

The Hit $100 Challenge Is Here!

We’ve got an amazing way to earn especially for new Representatives! When they place a $100+ order in each of their first four Campaigns, they’ll earn beauty samples and “bank” a $20 rebate for each order. Placing a fifth order of $100+ earns them an additional $20 and a deluxe bonus product bundle, valued at $100! That’s a total of up to $100 in extra cash for their business, and that’s on top of regular sales earnings – you can’t beat that!

Here’s a video from Lisa Monoson, explaining this awesome program!

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Avon use to offer new representatives 40% earnings on their first few orders and some people have expressed disappointment that this is no longer an option.

Good news!

The Hit $100 incentive is BETTER than guaranteed 40% earnings! When new representatives earn the Hit $100 incentive, you have the potential to earn up to 60%! Here’s how:


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Hit $100 Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I start in Campaign 9 which program do I participate in, Just 4 you or The Hit $100 Challenge?

A. Representatives who place their 1st order in Campaign 9 will participate in the Just 4 You Program. Only those who place their 1st order in C-10 and beyond will participate in the Hit $100 Challenge.


Q. What is the “Hit $100” Challenge?

A: The “Hit $100” Challenge is an exclusive “development” program for New Representatives in their first five (5) Campaigns with Avon. (See the “Hit $100 Challenge” flyer located in the Incentive Program/Official Rules section in Campaign Tools on for full program details.)


Q. When does the Program begin? A: The Hit $100 Challenge begins in Campaign 10, 2015 (Campaign 12 Trendsetter) through the close of Campaign 19, 2015 (Campaign 21) and is only available to NEW Representatives who place a first Campaign order on during their first 5 Campaigns with Avon beginning during this time period. Q. How does the program work?

A: With each $100+ order a new Representative places in his/her first four Campaigns, he/she will “bank” (or reserve) a $20 rebate and receive a FREE assortment of samples (in his/her next order placed on When the new Representative places a fifth order of $100 or more, s/he will receive all of the banked rebates for which s/he qualifies. If the new Representative has consecutively achieved the $100 orders in the first four Campaigns, s/he will receive an additional $20 rebate (for a grand total of up to $100) and the beauty product Bonus Bundle valued at $100 (based on regular brochure prices). All $20 rewards will be delivered via check or Direct Deposit.


Q. Does the new Representative have to place a single order of $100 or more, or can he/she aggregate orders to reach $100, as long as they are all within the same Campaign?

A: Representatives can place multiple orders, including Direct Delivery orders, but all orders must be placed within a single Campaign and within 30 days from the time of appointment to count towards the $100 minimum for that Campaign. In addition, at least one (1) order must be placed on in each Campaign.


Q. Does the new Representative’s account need to be in good standing to receive the product reward(s) they earn during their first five Campaigns?

A: Yes. A Representative must be active and in good standing to receive any rewards. In order to receive the product rewards offered, the new Representative must place a future order on within a maximum of three Campaigns.


Q. After meeting the $100 minimum and other program requirements in each of the first five Campaigns, when will the product reward(s) be shipped?

A: The beauty sample assortment rewards will be included in the new Representative’s next Campaign order placed on


Q. How does the new Representative receive any of her “banked” $20 rebates?

A. In order to receive any of the $20 rebates, the new Representative must place a fifth Campaign order of $100 or more, at least one of which is on If s/he had also previously qualified in the first four Campaigns, by placing four consecutive orders of $100 or more, s/he will receive an additional $20 rebate. For example: A new Representative places a first Campaign order of $100 or more during the Incentive period, and then fails to place a second Campaign order of $100 or more. Then in her third and fourth Campaigns, she places orders of $100 or more, and she meets all other qualifications for the Incentive. If she places a fifth Campaign order of $100 or more, she will receive a check or direct deposit in the amount of $60 ($20 for each of the four Campaigns she achieved the Incentive – the first, third, and fourth Campaigns). If that fifth order is $100 or more, she will receive the Bonus Bundle, but not the additional $20 rebate, because she failed to qualify in the second Campaign. However, if she fails to place a fifth Campaign order of $100 or more, she forfeits all of her banked money ($60).

Q. Does the New Representative have to place a Fifth Campaign order to receive the Bonus Bundle and the additional $20 Rebate?

A: Yes, the new Representative must place a Fifth Campaign order of $100 or more (at least one of which is placed on to receive the additional $20 rebate or the bonus product bundle.


Q. When will the New Representative receive his or her Bonus Bundle?

A: The Bonus bundle will be included in his/her fifth Campaign order when the “Hit $100 Challenge” program requirements are met.


Q. Do reinstatements count as New Representatives?

A: No, Reinstatements do not count. For more information on what is defined as a reinstatement, refer to the Avon Independent Sales Representative Policies & Procedures which can be found on the Community Tab on


Q. Do the orders have to be placed on time?

A: Yes, orders must be submitted on time as defined in the Avon Independent Sales Representative Policies & Procedures located on the Community Tab on


Q. Do the orders have to be paid for on time?

A: Yes. For product rewards to be sent, the new Representative’s account must be in good standing (past due no more than $0 USD). Avon may review the new Representative’s account status in the second, third, fourth, and fifth Campaigns.


Q. Do Double/Triple Dollar Award Sales count towards the $100 to qualify for the “Hit $100 Challenge” Program?

A: No. Double/Triple Dollar Award sales do not count toward the $100 to qualify for the “Hit $100 Challenge” Program.


Q. Do Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence cause products count toward this program?

A: No


Q. Do Online Orders, Direct Delivery and Representative Delivery, count towards the “Hit $100 Challenge” Program?

A: Yes. Online Orders, Direct Delivery orders and Representative Delivery orders all count towards the “Hit $100 Challenge” Program. Bear in mind that a new Representative must place an order on to receive her samples and/or bonus product bundle.


Q: How will a Representative know if she has achieved each Campaign?

A: A message will appear be on the invoice of the order in which he/she receives his/her reward(s), congratulating the new Representative.


Q: When will a New Representative receive their $20 rebate?

A: All of the $20 rebates achieved will be accumulated and sent 30 days after the 5th Campaign order has been billed provided the other program qualifications have been met. It will be sent by direct deposit or check.


Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

A: To sign up for Direct Deposit, go to>my account>profile >direct deposit


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