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Deluxe Business Booster Kit

Deluxe Business Booster Kit

Deluxe Business Booster Kit – This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!

Deluxe business booster


This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!

I am super excited to share you with the Deluxe Starter Kit which is specially designed to help deliver big sales from the time you start your Beautiful Story with Avon. The Kit is packed with full-size products for you to use, demo and sell as well as great supports to help you as a new Representative. The best part is that you receive the entire kit for only $100.00!

As a new representative you’re eligible to invest in our brand new Business Booster.  This is the perfect party demonstration bundle and a great way to showcase some of Avon’s best selling skin care, fragrance and color products.

I am super excited to share with you the Deluxe Starter Kit that will allow you to experience as well as sample/demonstrate 20+ full size products offered by Avon to all of your potential Customers. And there’s more!” “This kit comes at a great cost savings to you. You would receive over $355 dollars in products *** and supports as a new Representative.

In your hands you would have: over 20 full size products, samples, a ring sizer, 50 customizable business cards, 50 Recruiting Flyers, a Fundraising Flyer and an Avon pin to wear to show the world that you started your own Avon business!”

Ideas for using your Deluxe Starter Kit:

• Launch your Avon business with an Avon Launch Party where friends, family and potential Customers can come over to experience your products and shop from your Avon brochures.

• Text your friends and family when you get your order and have them drop by to see all of your products. You could text something like “I am SO excited!! I just received my Avon order of over 20 incredible Avon products and TONS of samples to try. Please stop by and see all the great products and special offers just for you!! Text me back so I can save some samples for you.”

• If your family and friends get together for sporting events or other types of gatherings, ask the host if you can bring your products to display. Bring brochures, business cards and flyers and allow those in attendance to shop and learn more about your new earning opportunity!!

• Leverage the stylish tote bag by carrying your products, samples and demonstrate your Avon products while at the salon, bank, dry cleaners etc.


This Deluxe Business Booster is only available to you to purchase for a limited time, and that’s within your first three campaigns. Use order number 782-726 Which campaign do you think you will order it in?

This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!


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