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Welcome to Avon!

Welcome to Avon!

Welcome to Avon!

Welcome to Avon!

You picked a great time to become involved with an Avon business of your own!

In this economy, Avon sells better than usual because we have such low prices and good values. It is easier to build a team of your own, if you choose that option because lots of people need to earn extra money right now. Great decision!

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jessica and you joined an Award Winning team! I get paid specifically to help you with your new Avon business, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. Keep an eye on your inbox because I will be emailing you often! I am here for YOU!

Here are a few benefits to being a part of our team:

  • Planned activities – to keep you moving forward and building momentum
  • Sharing – we have top sellers, top leaders, makeup mavens, new reps and others! Every single one has value and needed input!
  • Coaching – just as a coach on a sports team is part of the team but not actually on the field – I can “see” some things that may be hindering or could be an advantage to you. Our uplines, district managers and division managers have worked in the field too!
  • Prizes & incentives – who doesn’t like rewards and treats?!

You will be receiving your starter kit in the mail directly from Avon. It will have the Avon brochures, order pad and instruction materials that you need to get started. I have put together some information and resources that I think will help you with your new business and will email it to you shortly.

While you are waiting for those to arrive, I suggest you go to and register (if you haven’t already), so that you will have access to all of the free online training.

“Get to Know Avon” by just clicking on the AVON University tab and get started! Watch the short video for tips on how to be successful and learn how to utilize your online store in addition to face-to-face sales. The online training classes are fun, interactive and not boring! Gotta love that!

Once logged into,, make sure you “Set Up Your Business” by opening up your eRep online store. This will enable you to let anyone you know in the United States be able to shop directly from your Avon store! Avon will ship the orders directly to your customers and you still get the earnings! Here is my online eRep site as an example: The fastest growing segment for beauty sales is online. Online Beauty is outpacing traditional retail. Thousands of beauty sites are open for business and more open every day. You can earn without effort and your eStore is open while you sleep!

“Promote your Business” by using the Social Media Center on Avon provides professional and easy status updates to share your eStore on Facebook and other social media. While on social media, make sure to join our Team Avon Jessica page on Facebook and check out my list of Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow!

“Boost Your Business” to learn about the Business Booster Kit available for you to order in ONLY your first 3 campaigns!

“Rewards for You” Discover how you can earn up to $100 rebate PLUS a bonus bundle of products worth an additional $100!

Are you ready to get a jump start on building your business? Are you ready to dive in? The “Be Extraordinary! Workbook”  is included in your starter kit but why not download it now? You can find this on on your HOME page.

We place one order once every two weeks according to our mail plan schedule, so there is NO need to order immediately. Avon includes a copy of your mail plan schedule in the kit that is sent to you. You can also find it at by clicking on PROFILE and then on SEE CALENDAR.

Lastly, it is a good idea to ask for payment with order from your customers. Because you are a new Avon representative, Avon is likely to ask for a deposit or full payment when placing your order until you build up a history of paying with Avon. To make sure you are prepared should they ask, collecting payments at the time of an order is a good way to do business. Check out my blog for Money Management Tips for New Representatives.

Take the time now to tell as many people as possible about your new business and start collecting orders. Say “I’m just started this Avon thing and I’m really excited about!”

Let’s talk soon!

PS:  If you know anyone who might be interested in becoming a representative, please let me know as soon as possible–You can earn free product and cash! Contact me for details!


Here’s a quick checklist!

  1. Register on
  2. Get to Know Avon – Take Avon University training
  3. Set Up Your Business – Open your eStore
  4. Promote your Business – Share on social media
  5. Boost Your Business – Deluxe business kit available for you
  6. Rewards for You – Earn free Avon product and cash!
  7. Be Extraordinary! Workbook – Get a head start on your business


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