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Lisa Wilber Interview


Lisa Wilber Interview!Can you make money selling Avon?

Wow! I’m so happy April O’Leary had this wonderful interview with Avon’s very own Lisa Wilber. They are helping to spread the opportunity of Avon through Lisa’s success. Have a watch, I know you will be inspired!

I have met Lisa twice in my Avon career… so far! The first was around 2001 when she was doing a speaking tour around the USA and came to Oregon! My district manager had a wonderful event and I was invited to attend. Lisa’s story inspired me then and I believe she has a huge part in my Avon dream of being where she’s at in her business.

In summer of 2014, Lisa was having a fundraising event at her home in New Hampshire called Ride of Life and I was lucky enough to go! Pictures coming soon!

Here is April O’Leary’s website: ApriloLeary.Com

Lisa Wilber is one of the Top 7 Avon Leaders to Follow!

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What’s Next?:

  • Comment: Who is one of your favorite Avon leaders? Who should I add to my list that you find provides valuable information?
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