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President's Club Luncheon

President’s Recognition Gala

President's Recognition Gala


Avon’s President’s Recognition Program is top notch!

Join the elite group of top-achieving Representatives who are members of the President’s Recognition Program.

Every year, Avon celebrates with a President’s Recognition Gala event in your district and division for representatives who have attained a minimum of $10,000 in sales, as well as those who have excelled in Sales Leadership.

My President’s Recognition Gala was on February 28, 2015 this year.

President's Recognition Gala

I helped set up the event this year with about a dozen other ladies. Look how beautiful it all turned out! What a treat!

President's Recognition Gala

Avon showers us with product gifts for the highest level of sales achievement and sales leadership are awarded. Here are a few of my representative friends – Beth Brimhall, Barbara Reis (my upline) and Kelly Chancellor.

President's Recognition Gala


Here’s me and Barbara! She has been selling Avon for 38 years and started my Avon business under her mentor ship. She’s one of my most favorite people on this planet! She earned the prestigious Spirit of Avon award this year!

President's Recognition Gala


The Spirit of Avon

The Spirit of Avon award is an award given from the heart. The heart of a Manager – and the heart of Avon.

It is often hard to choose just one recipient because there are so many special Representatives.

However, one person’s incredible spirit stands out above the rest! Not necessarily because of sales volume or recruiting excellence, but because of an attitude of giving, sharing, and selflessness.

This person gives of themselves continually.

They build their own business by professionally and courteously serving their customers.  They care about and share with other Representatives, as well as all who have the privilege of crossing their path.

This Representative is a friend, a teacher, and a blessing.

They are the Spirit of Avon. 2014



Wow! Isn’t Barbara so special to receive such an award? She is the definition of the Spirit of Avon!

Imagine standing up onstage and being applauded by your peers! It’s so exciting, fun and rewarding!


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