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8 Irresistible Benefits of Selling Avon!

8 Irresistible benefits of selling Avon!

8 Irresistible benefits of selling Avon!

Hi friends! Jessica here!

Today, I wanted to share with you 8 Irresistible benefits of selling Avon! Yes, Avon offers a few different ways to earn some extra money or build a big business… but these are EXTRA benefits of selling Avon. Ready?

  1. As an Avon representative, Avon offers discounts on cell phone services with Sprint and T-Mobile. You can also use this discount on different wifi services like wireless cards for your laptop.
  2.  Need a new computer or laptop? Great! Because Avon has discounted rates thru Dell on a variety of computers!
  3. Did you know that Avon offers affordable health and life insurance? This includes identity theft protection and a FREE WellCard Savings Program. Print out the discount card and get a percentage off on your prescriptions. I’ve used it before! It works!
  4. You can also get insurance coverage on Auto & Home that can be customized to fit you and your family’s needs.
  5. Avon has partnered with Staples to give us special discounts only available to Avon representatives. This includes ink & toner, Paper, Office Products and in-store discounts!
  6. When you’re an Avon rep, it’s easy to get promotional items like Avon t-shirts, car window decals, table covers and FREE business cards! Avon has a special company called Town & Country where we can purchase logo items and so much more at a reasonable cost!
  7. Every year Avon offers SCHOLARSHIPS! In 2016, Avon offered up to $400,000 in scholarships! These scholarships are for representatives, children and grandchildren of representatives who are attending college!
  8. Last but definitely not least Avon has partnered with Capella University! Exclusive benefits for Avon representatives to receive a reduction in online courses and grants! There are also FREE courses to build new skills and get a degree – YOUR WAY!

Wow! What are you waiting for? Join Avon today and start taking advantage of all of these extra benefits of being an Avon representative!  


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