Deluxe Business Booster Kit

Deluxe Business Booster Kit

Deluxe Business Booster Kit – This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!

Deluxe business booster


This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!

I am super excited to share you with the Deluxe Starter Kit which is specially designed to help deliver big sales from the time you start your Beautiful Story with Avon. The Kit is packed with full-size products for you to use, demo and sell as well as great supports to help you as a new Representative. The best part is that you receive the entire kit for only $100.00!

As a new representative you’re eligible to invest in our brand new Business Booster.  This is the perfect party demonstration bundle and a great way to showcase some of Avon’s best selling skin care, fragrance and color products.

I am super excited to share with you the Deluxe Starter Kit that will allow you to experience as well as sample/demonstrate 20+ full size products offered by Avon to all of your potential Customers. And there’s more!” “This kit comes at a great cost savings to you. You would receive over $355 dollars in products *** and supports as a new Representative.

In your hands you would have: over 20 full size products, samples, a ring sizer, 50 customizable business cards, 50 Recruiting Flyers, a Fundraising Flyer and an Avon pin to wear to show the world that you started your own Avon business!”

Ideas for using your Deluxe Starter Kit:

• Launch your Avon business with an Avon Launch Party where friends, family and potential Customers can come over to experience your products and shop from your Avon brochures.

• Text your friends and family when you get your order and have them drop by to see all of your products. You could text something like “I am SO excited!! I just received my Avon order of over 20 incredible Avon products and TONS of samples to try. Please stop by and see all the great products and special offers just for you!! Text me back so I can save some samples for you.”

• If your family and friends get together for sporting events or other types of gatherings, ask the host if you can bring your products to display. Bring brochures, business cards and flyers and allow those in attendance to shop and learn more about your new earning opportunity!!

• Leverage the stylish tote bag by carrying your products, samples and demonstrate your Avon products while at the salon, bank, dry cleaners etc.


This Deluxe Business Booster is only available to you to purchase for a limited time, and that’s within your first three campaigns. Use order number 782-726 Which campaign do you think you will order it in?

This offer is no longer valid – please see New Avon Starter Kits!


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Build your own beautiful Avon business!

Build Your Own Beautiful Avon Business!

Build Your Own Beautiful Avon Business!

Build Your own Beautiful Avon Business!


Want to Make Your Own Schedule?

I can show you how to earn $300-$500 a month just working part-time. Join my team and we can make money together!

Earn as much as you want or need. Be your own boss. Work how you want,when you want.

You are invited to discover the financial freedom offered by Avon’s unlimited earning potential!

Build your own beautiful business from home while receiving all the support you need to achieve your personal goals.

Inspire others to be successful and earn even more!

Simple Network Marking

Avon is simply network marketing. Most people do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it. When you are going about your day, hand out Avon brochures to everybody you encounter! Gas station attendants, grocery clerks, co-workers, friends, family, doctors offices, hair and nail salons, etc.The possibilities are endless!

You then get customer orders and enter them online every other Wednesday by noon and it gets shipped to your door on Saturday! Deliver the products to your customers and collect payment from them at that time. You will receive an Avon invoice with how much you owe Avon. You will pay Avon and keep whatever money is leftover for yourself!

Avon sets you up with an online store and you can send the link to anyone in the United States. Avon can also ship to military bases around the world. You don’t have to do anything to the site and when customers order, you don’t have to handle the product… It gets delivered straight to the customer but you get the earnings!

The more customers you have, the more orders you get..

Which in return THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE!!!


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Thinking of selling Avon?

Thinking of selling Avon?

Are you thinking of selling Avon? What about working from home? Would you like to earn an extra $200-$500 a month working part time?




As you may know, being an Avon Representative is simple, fun and profitable primarily because Customers know and trust the Avon name and brand. Avon is of course one of the world’s largest Direct Selling Company.

At Avon, no minimum order, no sales quotas, no inventory to purchase, and no party kit to buy are just some of the benefits every Avon Representative enjoys. Avon is unlike almost all other Direct Selling companies in that regard. Your selling vehicle is, of course, the Avon brochure. You’re probably familiar with our iconic Avon brochure but what you may not know is you can also sell online with a personalized eStore that Avon provides to you free of charge! The average Representative earns between 30 and 35%. Our most successful, Representatives earn up to 50% commission on their sales. And best of all – you can join for $25, $50 or $100 depending on which starter kit you get! Read about Starter kits here. You might want to opt for our “self sign up” feature which allows you to open your Avon account online right away. Once completed, you can set up your eStore immediately and start selling online right away. Your new rep kit which contains your Avon brochures for your face to face selling will be shipped UPS the next business day.   What’s Next?


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Avon Web TV is Coming Your Way!

Coming Soon!

Watch this space!  Avon WEB TV launches May 1 – just in time for Campaign 12! In our new monthly video series, you’ll learn about Avon’s hottest Campaign launches, incentives, rewards, and more! Watch each video chapter on your time – then make a plan with your Leader to earn even more each Campaign. And…action!


1. Shop Avon online at

2. Start Avon today for $15  and enter code JZUMBUSCH

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