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Orenthia Palmer-Ricketts

Avon Calling – Episode 8 – Interviewing Orenthia Palmer-Ricketts

Avon Calling – Episode 8 – Interviewing Orenthia Palmer-Ricketts


Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Orenthia Rickets and she told us a bit of her story and how she went from looking for some extra money for shopping to being the first  Avon Lady in recent history to grace the cover of the Iconic Avon Brochure.

Avon Calling – Started with a Goal of Earning $100 to Being Recognized on Stage!

When Orenthia first started selling Avon she started with a goal of $100 because she wanted some extra shopping money. She knew she could make some money. Then Orenthia lost her job. After she made more than that she thought to herself “what if I really tried with Avon?” She thought through the business plan and focused on being intentional about her business. Recently gracing the cover of the Campaign 5 brochure of 2018. Orenthia has achieved national recognition.

Avon Calling – Orenthia Ricketts From A Shy New Avon Lady to Quarter Million Dollar Beauty Boss

Orenthia Ricketts initially started selling Avon to earn some extra money for shopping. After she lost her job and decided to sell Avon full time she made a plan to not go back to working for someone else and work for herself. She made it important to follow up with her clients. She was shy when she was first getting started and now she is a Beauty Boss doing over a quarter million dollar business.

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Thank you for Joining us on Avon Calling with Jessica and Georgiana. Thank you so much Orenthia for being on the show!

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