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Avon Fashion – What Else Does Avon Offer Besides Skin Care

Avon Fashion is So Cute!

Avon FashionDid you know that Avon has a fashion line? More if you also look at the mark. By Avon Fashion offerings. I am to the point where just about everything I wear is from Avon. If you follow the latest trends you will see that Avon is on point when it comes to following and setting them as well.

I am complimented on my clothes daily and I always say “Thanks! It’s Avon!” It blows their mind. They are the Official Makeup Partner for Project Runway this Season after all.

In this post I will be highlighting some of my favorite Avon Fashion products. This will be a complete outfit, aside from the jeans I am wearing here, that will consist of a Blouse, a bag and the most comfortable heels I have ever worn.


Chiffon Bell-Sleeve Blouse

Avon FashionFirst up is the Chiffon Bell-Sleeve Blouse. Look at how cute. I have to admit that I wouldn’t originally have purchased this for myself but I really liked it and knew it would be a hit. When I got it I found that I really enjoy wearing it. My husband likes it too. This Blouse adds flair with flouncy sleeves that swing with an autumn inspired print.


Leather Saffiano Dome Bag

I love this purple cross body bag. It is the perfect size with enough room for everything I need without being bulky. I love this bag. After I got this bag I saw a very similar bag for well over $200. I was amazed.


As I am writing I have found that this bag has been so popular that you now can get on a waiting list for yours because Avon had to get more. It has one inner zip pocket and two slip pockets. It it all I need while still being adorable.



Cushion Walk® Ella Lace-Up Fashion Shoe

Avon Fashion Cushion Walk® Ella Lace-Up Fashion Shoe and Leather Saffiano Dome BagOh! Avon shoes. There is so much I can say about them. Avon is the largest direct seller of shoes in the world for good reason. Avon’s patented Cushion Walk by Avon makes them so comfortable. I don’t usually wear heels but with these I can wear them all day long without my feet getting tired. I know people with back problems that were unable to wear heels but because of this technology they can. Avon is all about empowering women and sometimes something as simple as a shoe can give that empowerment and I love that.

Avon Fashion

This particular set is the Cushion Walk® Ella Lace-Up Fashion Shoe and they are my favorite shoes. I wore them when I was on stage at Avon Rep Fest this year and now my friend Georgiana calls them the “Jessica Z. shoes.”

They are lace up vintage-inspired taupe booties and with little cut outs that show off your foot a little.


So Much More

There is so much more that Avon has and I highly recommend taking a look around.  If you found this content entertaining and informative please go give our Facebook page a like. That’s all for now I hope to see you next time.



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