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Avon Skinvincible – Product Review

Avon Skinvincible – Product Review

Hi friends! Jessica here! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite products that  is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance free, oil free, hypoallergenic.

Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I know some people are highly sensitive to some skincare products, so they usually cautious when it comes to trying anything new. Our Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion is THE BEST for sensitive skin. It will not irritate sensitive skin and it keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours.

Did you know? That you need to protect your skin with SPF daily, rain or shine! UV rays are always present, even when you don’t see the sun!

Anew Skinvincible has Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to protect you against sun damage. This has the highest broad spectrum SPF available. In fact, this is recommended by the skin cancer foundation for daily use. I love using this in the spring and summer when I know I’m going to be outside more.

If you have Sun spots, this will help repair them!

100% of women showed improvement skin tone, texture and clarity!

It’s a light weight lotion and works well under your makeup. Skinvincible targets dehydrated skin and wrinkles and has antioxidants that protect environmental skin damage, like smoke, extreme temperatures, pollution and of course, UV rays.

We also have the Deep Recovery Cream – night cream. When you add this to your anti-aging routine, you will be able to see how it restores your skin! This helps diminish the look of lines and wrinkles AND sun spots! This is also fragrance-free. This night cream is ideal for dry skin because it is a rich, substantial cream.

My Experience

I love using Avon Anew Skinvinicible in the summer because of the SPF. I want to make sure I protect my skin. I also love that it is fragrance free. It works well with my sensitive skin.

Both of these normally sell for $36!

Order your Skinvincible today!


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