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Lash Serum

NEW! This Is The Lash Serum You’ve Been Waiting For!

NEW! This Is The Lash Serum You’ve Been Waiting For!

This Is The Lash Serum You’ve Been Waiting For! First of all this stuff is amazing. For a limited time you can get a 

Here is an excerpt from my last post about Julie Tierney’s experience.

“Have you heard about Avon’s New Anew Ultimate Lashes Serum? If not let me tell you a little about it. I have not used it personally, yet. At RepFest a week ago we got to get a glimpse of the results and they are amazing. A fellow Avon Representative named Julie Tierney got to try it before it was announced. Julie and her husband Michael work their Avon Business together and have seen amazing success. My husband and I always run in to them, at different conventions we go to, and they are always fun to talk to.


Lash Serum


So, Julie was up on stage all aglow and she shared her experience with Avon’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum. Julie told us about how she never had lashes and has had to wear fake lashes for various events. She used Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum for four weeks and now she has LASHES. You could see the joy on her face when she talked about her experiences with friends and family noticing. If you are someone with thin lashes I would highly suggest checking the amazing new product out. It is slated to release in four weeks from now. To get notified click the image below.”


Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum

Get lush lashes that are all yours with Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum*. Our unique serum, with a peptide blend and botanicals, is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes. In just weeks, lashes look longer, fuller and healthier. .10 fl. oz.

• 84% of women agreed lashes look longer after 8 weeks of use**
• 84% of women agreed lashes look fuller after 8 weeks of use**
• 81% of women agreed lashes are visibly healthier after 8 weeks of use**

Lash Serum

Lash Serum

• Begin seeing results in 4 weeks
• Extra-thin brush allows for precise application along the upper lash line and brows
• No parabens, sulfates or phthalates
• Hypoallergenic

On clean, dry skin, apply once daily at nighttime by sweeping a thin layer of serum along the lash line of upper eyelids only, like a liquid eye liner. One dip into the vial is the proper amount of serum for both upper eyelids. Do not double dip. Let dry. Do not rub eyes. May also be used on eyebrows.

*Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes is not intended to reverse or reduce hair loss or grow hair.
**Based on an 8-week consumer-perception study.



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