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Power Couples – Perfect Combos

Power Couples – Perfect Combos

Check out these three power couples from Avon. These combos are so perfect, you would think they were made for each other!


The Perfect Pair


Power CouplesAvon’s Power Serum and Ultimate Day Cream make a great power couple.

Boost the power of our top-selling day cream with a serum that detects and repairs visible skin damage.


Anew Power Serum

Take your anti-aging skin care routine to the next level with the Anew Power Serum. This firming and smoothing serum is based on Nobel prize winning research which resulted in the product to detect and repair visible skin damage. Advance boost technology works to hydrate your skin, smooth visible roughness and wrinkles, and return firmness to your face.

It’s so effective that 93% of women agree that it dramatically improved skin’s appearance.* Anew Power Serum is a great complement to your current skin care routine and works well with moisturizers.

Apply daily on clean, dry skin in the morning and evening, use two pumps of the serum, smoothing it evenly over your skin with your fingertips. Once it is absorbed, follow with your favorite moisturizer.

*Based on a 7-week consumer perception study of women who used the serum alone for 6 weeks, and the serum with their moisturizers for 1 week.

Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25

Most people think that you can’t stop time, but they haven’t tried our #1 selling anti-aging skin care routine. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream has the age-defying, moisturizing properties that you’d expect now with celluvive complex added to the formula. Featuring extract from the Yanang Leaf, this patent-pending formula repairs skin while visibly healing the signs of aging.

Use this multi-performance day cream and immediately feel your skin get hydrated and see its newfound radiance. After two weeks, removes fine lines while lessening deep wrinkles, restores skin’s natural volume, and makes it more resilient to damage. In 4 weeks, you’ll notice a more even skin tone, with lessened discoloration. On top of that, your skin will be firmed and lifted for a truly youthful look. The Anew Ultimate Day Cream features the added bonus of broad spectrum SPF25 protection, that way the sun will not further damage your skin while repairing it.

Use every morning, smooth over cleansed face and neck. Apply before sun exposure and as needed. Can be used in combination with other treatments or moisturizers.


Come Clean


Power CouplesAvon’s Cleansing Brush and Purifying Gel Cleanser are a perfect match.

This dynamic duo will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed and delightfully pampered.


Anew Clean Purifying Gel Cleanser

This purifying gel cleanser cleanses skin of dirt, oil and impurities, helps reinforce skin’s protective moisture barrier to keep skin feeling resilient, and preps skin to receive the optimal results for Anew moisturizers and treatments.

To use wet face and hands then lather between palms. Massage over facial skin; rinse with warm water. Follow with Anew treatment and moisturizer.

Anew Clean Cleansing Brush

Introducing our vibrating cleansing brush. Ultra-soft bristles gently yet effectively remove impurities and leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and delightfully pampered. 

Use twice daily, dampen facial skin and brush head with water. Dispense your cleanser onto hands and massage onto face. Turn cleansing brush on and gently move it around your face in a circular motion for approximately 1-2 minutes. Avoid eye area. Rinse face with water. Remove and rinse the brush head then reattach it to the unit to dry.


Rise & Shine


Power CouplesAvon’s Immensely popular Vitamin C serum and Eye Life Pro Dual Eye System


Brighten up your routine with this effective combo to leave you with radiant skin and younger-looking eyes.


Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Vitamin C Brightening Serum is a patented formula that contains a high concentration of 10% pure Vitamin C, which protects skin from sun, pollution and other aggressors. 

 In two weeks skin will look brighter, smoother, clearer and more even toned. Skin imperfections will be visibly improved.

Use AM and PM after cleansing as your treatment before moisturizing. Gently smooth over cleansed skin in a upward and outward motion while avoiding the eye area, there is Vitamin C mind you. Vitamin C isn’t known for feeling good in the eyes.

Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

Eyes need a lift? See a dramatic lift in 7 days. With upper eye/brow bone gel and under-eye cream, eyes feel tighter and lifted, and under-eye shadows are visibly reduced. Formulated with injectable-grade arginine* and other skin tightening ingredients.

Use twice daily, apply gel to eyelid and brow bone area; apply cream to under eye area, including upper cheekbone.

*This is a cosmetic product for external use only. Follow usage instructions on product packaging.


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