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Together we can SAVE lives

Together we can SAVE lives!Together we can save lives

October is breast cancer awareness month and together we can SAVE lives.

Avon Foundation for Women will make a donation to the breast cancer crusade with every Pink Ribbon product purchase.

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Thanks to supporters like you, the Avon Foundation for Women has been improving the lives of millions of women around the world for 50 years. Much of the money we’ve raised has come from $5 and $10 donations. But for us, the measure of success isn’t monetary. Rather, it’s the very personal effect each donation has on the lives of women affected by breast cancer or domestic violence. – See more at:


What’s Next?

  • Comment below: Have you or someone in your life been affected by breast cancer? I’ve met a few women who personally have received support from Avon’s foundation and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this wonderful company!
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