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The Ulitmate Gift Guide

Avon The Ultimate Gift Guide – Avon Holiday Catalog

Avon The Ultimate Gift Guide – Avon Holiday Catalog

Hi Friends! Jessica here! Today I’m sharing with you the Avon Ultimate Gift Guide! Your complete holiday gifting destination!

Video Brochure

I have so much fun gift items to share with you! No matter who happens to be on your list this year; we have something for everyone! This brochure is 56 pages of marvelous gifts! I’m not going to go page by page with you but I definitely have a lot to share! So, let’s get started.

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Joyful Beautiful Bangle Set

The Ultimate Gift GuideFirst, with every $40 purchase from this gift guide, you can get this exclusive joyful beautiful bangle set for $10! You can gift both or keep one for yourself!


Current Avon Campaign Pajama Sets

Now, you might notice in What’s Hot Campaign 25 I’m wearing pajamas on this video. That’s because Avon sells these pajamas! The ones I’m wearing are in Brushstroke and they’re long-sleeve, button-down top and pants with pockets! Cotton, warm and cozy! These sell for $29.99

The Ultimate Gift Guide


Sleepshirts With Attitude

Joyful Beautiful Binge-Watching Sleepshirt - The Ultimate Gift Guide The Ultimate Gift Guide - Sleep ShirtsWe also have some sleepshirts with attitude! Binge-watching uniform, the joy of 8 hours, to stream or dream? That is the question, and unPlug Me. Fun, these sells for $19.99

Oh! And we have robes!

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Avon True Color Magical Eyes Palette

Avon True Color Magical Eyes Palette - The Ultimate Gift GuideGlamour to give! Avon True Color Magical Eyes Palette and we have a lip palette too. The eyes palette has 8 shades and are satin, shimmer, glitter and matte finishes. The packaging is exceptional! The Beautiful Lips Palette has 8 shades with cream and shimmer finish. These sell for only $10! Great stocking stuffer!

True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner Set

Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner Set - The Ultimate Gift GuideNext page, is our True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner Set, 4 piece boxed set comes with blackest black, starry night blue, smoky diamond and sugar plum. For $16


Avon True Color Beautiful Brush Set

Avon True Color Beautiful Brush Set - The Ultimate Gift Guide

Our Beautiful Brush Set, is mini brushes ready for holiday travel! These come in a zip pouch with 6 different brushes. The brushes are Angled Eye Liner Brush, Concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush and powder brush for $18!

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Set

The Ultimate Gift GuideOne thing that I always buy every Christmas is our holiday hand creams and holiday lip balms! You can purchase these separately at $2 each or get the collection of 10 for $14. Jolly versions of our classic hand creams and treat themed flavors of lip balms.


Cute Travel Fragrance Gift Sets!

During the holidays, Avon also comes out with these travel sizes of our most popular fragrances. If you want to learn more about these specific fragrances, you can find that info on my at

The Ultimate Gift Guide
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The Ultimate Gift Guide
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This year, we have Imari collection and the Far Away Collection. These sell for $15 a set. My customers who love these fragrances, truly LOVE these fragrances!

Body Spray , Lotion and Shower Gel Sets!


What I think is fun during this season is to use a holiday scented lotion, shower gel and body spray. Avon has come out with Joyful, Beautiful and Magical collections.

  • Joyful’s scent is Apples, blackberries and vanilla. You can buy these items separately or all 3 for $10. Joyful collection comes with shower gel, body spray and body lotion.
  • Beautiful scent (which is my favorite) is raspberries, peach blossoms and musk. This collection comes with a body scrub, body spray and body lotion. I’ve been loving this lotion!
  • Last in this collection is Magical. This scent has apricots, vanilla and bergamot. This also hydrating shower gel, body spray and body lotion.
  • One of our other limited edition scents  is our Enchanted Black Cherry & Nutmeg Collection. It has a whisper of nutmeg and cinnamon. This is nice and fun. You can also order this in Pink Velvet Cupcake Collection. And these comes in these great quality of boxes and they come wrapped beautifully in tissue paper.

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Skin So Soft Sets

One of my favorite gift sets this year is our Skin So Soft Sets.

  • We have 1 set in WinterSoft, which is our winter skin so soft line. It comes back every year and is a fan favorite.
  • This year, Avon is introducing Winter Vanilla which smells lusciously cozy fragrance blend of vanilla cream, brown sugar and caramel. This comes boxed in the gift set with Body butter, creamy body wash and hand cream. I thought this was going to smell really sweet but this is really light and delicate. I love it and was surprised at how much I loved it!
  • You can also get a skin so soft set in Winter Lavender. I’m a sucker for anything lavender and this was a gift for myself! This has lavender, bergamot and jasmine, in a creamy body wash, body butter and hand cream. These sets sell for $14 and they are beautiful collections.

Sparkling Winter Snowflake Collection





A bit of jewelry next, is the Sparkling Winter Snowflake Collection, which is silvertone with pearlesque and rhinestone accents. It’s a fun accessory for the season! Necklace for $9.99, Bracelet for $14.99, Ring for $7.99 and Earrings for $9.99.

Ornament Cubic Zerconia Hoop Earrings

They come packaged in this ornament and has beautiful center stones with rhinestone accents for $9.99 a pair! How beautiful! I’m wearing the champagne, purple, blue, green and red.

We also have these in ornament’s with rings! Same colors in sizes 6, 8 and 10 for $9.99.

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Joyful Beautiful Photo Props and Backdrop

For the last and one of my favorite things in this gift guide is some Joyful Beautiful Photo props and backdrop!

Avon Living Joyful Beautiful Magical Backdrop sells for $19.99 and then $10 for Avon Living Joyful Beautiful Props Set of 10 to use in your photos! I’m thinking of bringing this as a fun family thing to do together for the holidays! It will be nice to have family photos together 🙂


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Whew! What a packed Ultimate Gift Guide! I hope you guys enjoyed watching this as much as I loved making it and sharing all of the awesome things Avon is offering this holiday season. Please share this video and keep my store in mind when you’re buying gifts this year!

That’s it for now! Bye!!


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