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What's Hot? Avon Campaign 24

What’s Hot Avon Campaign 24, 2017 – The Holidays Are Here!

What’s Hot? Avon Campaign 24, 2017


Hi friends! Jessica here! Today I’m going to share with you What’s Hot? Avon Campaign 24! Our holiday gifts are in full swing in our brochures now! In fact, we also have a 56 page Ultimate Gift Guide, which is your complete holiday gifting destination! Keep an eye out for my next video that will highlight my top picks in the gift guide.



But for now, I have a few things in our Campaign 24 brochures that I’m super excited to share with you.

Also, we have our Outlet brochure.. this is all of our clearance items, all while supplies last. If you like to get amazing deals, make sure to flip through the 40 pages of our Outlet brochure. We have kids items, jewelry, fashion all at heavily discount prices. I’ll add a link below to look through that brochure.

Shop Outlet Brochure Deals

Avon has something for everyone on your list this year and thank you for supporting my small business.


Avon True Color Lots of Lips

What's Hot? Avon Campaign 24First item that is on the top of my What’s Hot? Avon Campaign 24 list is our Lots of Lips boxed gift set. This is so fun! It has 80 piece assortment of our mini lipsticks! I love these mini lipsticks and when I’m talking to ladies, I always hear their stories about our mini lipsticks. This set includes:

  • 20 Mini Avon True Color Lipstick
  • 20 Mini Ultra Hydrating Lip Color
  • 20 Mini Perfectly Matte Lipstick
  • 10 Mini Bold Lipstick
  • 10 Mini Nourishing Lipstick

They’re so fun and you can try out different colors, different formulas or give it as a gift for a lady in your life that likes a variety of festive looks.

Shop Lots of Lips Now $30


Joyful Beautiful Graphic Dot Pajama Set

First Up in What’s Hot? Avon Campaign 24 is the seasonal Joyful Beautiful Pajamas

What's Hot? Avon Campaign 24 - Joyful Beautiful Tree Print Pajama Set

Holiday Morning Dress Code! But for me, I enjoy being comfortable when I’m at home. Especially on days when I’m just working from home and don’t have a video to do. In fact, I never thought I would ever do a YouTube video while in my pajamas.. but here we are!

I love these joyful beautiful pajamas sets! There are 4 sets, I’m wearing the Tree Print in size small. They’re so warm and cozy! We also have these pajamas in Graphic Plaid, Brushstroke (which I will be most likely be wearing in the Ultimate Gift Guide Video, which is soon to come). And these pajamas also come in Graphic Dot. How fun!

Shop Joyful Beautiful Tree Print Pajama Set $29.99

Shop Joyful Beautiful Graphic Plaid Pajama Set $29.99

Shop Joyful Beautiful Brushstroke Pajama Set $29.99

Shop Joyful Beautiful Graphic Dot Pajama Set $29.99


Seasonal Scents

Next up in What’s Hot? Avon Campaign 24 is our seasonal scents. Did you know that Avon has a home fragrance collection of candles and holiday reed diffusers? I’ve shared one of our other candles in a video before, it was the Spice Wreath candle and I fell in love. It’s actually currently burning in my kitchen right now.

What's Hot? Avon Campaign 24 - Avon Frosted Balsam Scented Candle

For the holidays, Avon has come out with three new scents! Each candle is three wick and burns for 30 hours. These sell for $11.99

Shop Avon Candles and Scents Now


A Box

What's Hot? Avon Campaign 24 - Avon A Box

Last item in this What’s Hot? Campaign 24 brochure is our A Box! The Joy of Red! You qualify to get this A Box for $10 with any $40 purchase. Also, when you order online, you get free shipping with any order of $40 or more. Also know that if you can get more than one. If you buy $80 you qualify for 2 A Boxes and so on.

This A Box is perfect for you to celebrate the festivities in ravishing, red-hot color with gorgeous makeup and a touch of scent!

These 5 items all come in this beautiful A Box!

Shop Current Avon A Box $10 with $40 dollar purchase


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