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Campaign 26

What’s Hot!? Campaign 26, 2017 – Meet My Frenchie Guillermo!

What’s Hot!? Campaign 26, 2017 – Meet My Frenchie, Guillermo!

Hi friends! Jessica here. Today I wanted to share with you, What’s Hot in our Campaign 26 Brochure. I was so excited to see the cover of this brochure because I have a french bulldog too!


Meet My Frenchie

His name is Guillermo! He is about 7.5 years old and my very best bud. He likes to hang out and sleep under my desk while I’m working and cuddle any other time of the day.

I love that Avon has a French Bulldog in our Living brochure too!

Through campaign 26, you can order from the Living brochure too! This has lots of home decor, some gift items, very high quality products. Take a look through that brochure, I’ll put a link down below. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Avon is offering in this holiday living brochure.

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I have a few new items to show sand a couple reviews on things that I’ve had in another video.


Limited Edition Joyful Beautiful Slippers

Holiday Slippers - Campaign 26

Our limited edition Joyful Beautiful Slippers!  These are comfy in house slippers. I love slippers! I’m always wearing them when I’m at home. I’m due for a new pair, so maybe I’ll order some of these as a Christmas gift to myself. Super soft and come in these fun patterns and ones with pom poms. These are 2 for $20! Women’s size 5-10

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Lots of Lips Gift Set

Campaign 26

The next item in What’s Hot!? Campaign 26, I’ve talked about before and it’s our lots of Lips Gift set! This boxed set has 80 mini lipsticks in it! This was featured on Oprah’s favorite things! You know how Oprah every Christmas does a whole big deal about her favorite things? This was one of them! These mini lipsticks are so well know and I’m always hearing stories of people and these mini lipsticks. They’ve been around for a long time.

Fun fact! Did you know that Avon has been around for 130 years? Since 1886! Before women had the right to vote, Avon was providing  a way for women earn money while staying home with their kids. Isn’t that Amazing? This boxed gift set sells for $30.


Reed Diffusers and Candles

Campaign 26

Product review! About 2 months ago, I shared on a video our candles and Reed Diffusers. I popped open a reed diffusers for that video and I’ve had it in my office ever since. It’s the pomegranate blood orange. It has a nice scent and every time I come into my office, it brightens and lifts my mood a bit because it’s smells so nice and definitely not overpowering. So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’ve been working on doing some deep cleaning in our house.

I grabbed the Frosted Balsam Reed Diffuser to put in our front bathroom and it is just Great! I know my family will enjoy the wintery scent. $19.99

As for the candles, I’ve had our Spice Wreath Candle on our kitchen table. I don’t burn it that often, but it is by far my favorite scent and candle. It has notes of Apple, mulling spices, pomander, juniper berry and pumpkin. $11.99

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Merry Necklace

Campaign 26

You know what’s funny about the next item? It’s a piece if jewelry and I’ve had it since RepFest in Nashville in August. I honestly thought I lost it, otherwise I would have shown to you earlier but as I was doing the cleaning (for thanksgiving) I found it! Yay! Sparkle like you mean it, best wishes necklace. 6 different necklaces and they come nicely packaged with a box, perfect small gift. I have the Merry one and I supposed it’s holly? I love the bow,  it would match my earrings.

Another Fun Fact: these earrings were a gift from my upline in Avon. They are Tiffanys & Company Jewelry, ya know in the blue box? But she was able to purchase these with points that Avon gives reps when they build their business. She also ordered a coach purse and wallet for herself. Super nice EXTRA that Avon offers representatives.

Yet Another Fun Fact! Tiffany & company Jewlery once had appeared in Avon brochures and even showcased a $200,000 sapphire and diamond ring at one time!

This piece of jewelry! Sells for $9.99

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A Box

a box - Campaign 26

Ok! Last thing for today because I need to go pick up a few last minute things before the holiday tomorrow! Our A Box! The magic of pearls! Only $10 with any $40 purchase.

Here’s What You Get

A Box - Campaign 26 Campaign 26

Great buy!


I’ll put a link to my online store down below, so click on it and get to buying some Christmas gifts! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving and I’ll see you soon! Bye!

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