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Anew Platinum Regimen

Anew Platinum Regimen

Lift the look of your skin’s facial contours with Anew Platinum Regimen.


Dr. Kim Nichols on the Anew Platinum Regimen “The best way to treat and protect your skin throughout your lifetime is to continue with a daily anti-aging regimen. As we age, collagen and elastin renewal essential for visibly smooth contours slows down, which causes sagging. The Platinum collection is designed to help recapture that look of youthful skin definition.”


Anew Platinum Day Cream SPF 25

First we have Anew Platinum Day Cream SPF 25 designed to Resculpt your features.

Anew Platinum Day Cream SPF 25Regain the elegance of a smooth and lifted jawline. This formula designed to lift, firm and support your skin. After 4 weeks notice visible reduction in deep wrinkles and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of sagging skin.

This anti-aging skin care cream utilizes Paxillium Technology and Rediescent Microspheres to counteract dullness of skin and restore youthful color and radiance. Protective formula includes SPF25 to prevent further damage from the sun. 1.7 oz. net wt. 

Anew Platinum RegimenBENEFITS 
• Lifts and reshapes the look of sagging skin
• Day cream with SPF25 protects from the sun while restoring radiance
• Contains Paxillium Technolgy 
• Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested
• Suitable for sensitive skin

• In the morning, smooth over cleansed face. Apply evenly before sun exposure and as needed


Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream

Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream is a fantastic member of the Anew Platinum Regimen. I love what Avon did here. Instead of you having to purchase a special tool they give you this nifty two sided piece. The rounded silvery tip helps cool and refresh your eye area. The flat tip end is designed to evenly apply cream on and around your lips.

Anew Platinum Eye & Lip Cream

Paxillium Technology finally meets eye and lip treatment. Improve the natural Paxillin production of your eyelids and mouth to get defined contours, fuller skin, and a more youthful appearance overall. Special dual-tip applicator unlocks the potential of this dermatologist tested eye and lip cream. The rounded silvery tip cools and refreshes the eye area while the flat tip evenly applies cream on and around lips. 0.5 oz. net wt. 

• Define contours and lessen wrinkles
• Cool and refresh face while moisturizing
• Formulated to help reshape the look of the eye and lip area
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested and opthalmologist-tested
• Suitable for sensitive skin

• In morning/evening, smooth around eye area with the rounded tip of applicator until fully absorbed, then apply on and around lips with the flat tip. Wipe implement with dry cloth after each use and store in plastic envelope.

Anew Platinum Night Cream

Next in Avon’s Anew Platinum Regimen we have the night crew, Anew Platinum Night Cream and Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest. Reclaim your elegant contours with Anew Platinum Night Cream. Avon’s patented Paxillium Technology boosts skin’s natural Paxillium to give life to skin cells. All of this results in fuller, smoother, brighter, firmer skin and contours. Drape skin in a veil of plush softness while moisturizing skin on your jawline.

Some results show overnight, but after 2 weeks, notice a more defined and sculpted jawline, with the bonus of dramatically reduced wrinkles. After 4 weeks of applying this anti-aging face cream every night, cheeks look lifted and reshaped and there is a visible reduction in sagging skin. Add Anew Platinum Night Cream to your anti-aging skin care routine and you’ll never look back! 1.7 oz. net wt. 

Anew Platinum RegimenBENEFITS
• Visibly reduce wrinkles and skin discoloration
• Firm, lift, and smooth facial skin
• Get younger-looking skin with contour sculpting Paxillium Technology
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested 


• At night, smooth over cleansed face. Some women, especially those with sensitive skin, may experience a brief tingling sensation following application. If this occurs, wait ten to fifteen minutes after cleansing before applying, or try using more sparingly, or less frequently until your skin accommodates. As with any skin care regimen, Avon recommends the daily use of sunscreen to help prevent sun damage. 


Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest

For those that need some extra tightening for their neck and chest Avon has  Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream for neck and chest. With patent-pending Peptide Lifting Complex, formulated to specifically treat the skin on your neck and chest, which is more vulnerable to wrinkles and sagging. Use PM after cleansing. 

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95% of women showed a visibly re-contoured neck area*

Anew Platinum RegimenBENEFITS
• Contains Peptide Lifting Complex
• Recontours the look of sagging skin
• Helps minimize the appearance for sagging skin and wrinkles
• Visibly smooths and tightens skin
• Helps restore the look of youthful skin
• Non-greasy


• Use every night. Massage it into the neck and chest, using gentle upward strokes.

*Based on a clinical study

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