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Avon Calling - Episode 3

Avon Calling – Episode 3 – Interviewing Lisa Harrell

Avon Calling – Episode 3 – Interviewing Lisa Harrell

Welcome to Avon Calling – Episode 3. Today we are interviewing Lisa Harrell. Lisa Harrell has been selling Avon for over 14. Since her first year in Avon she has been selling at or above President’s Club. PC is when you sell $10,000 in a year. This year she reached Honor’s Society again by selling over $20,000. Lisa has been doing a fantastic job with her sales. Here is how she does it.

Avon Calling – How Lisa Harrell Sells $20,000 in Avon in 1 Year


Avon Calling – An Inside Look at Sales Leader Lisa Harrell


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Thank you for Joining us on Avon Calling with Jessica and Georgiana. Thank you Lisa Harrell for being our first ever guest! It was great to get to connect with you through our love of Avon!

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