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avon clean cleansing brush

Brush The Day Away – Avon Clean Cleansing Brush

Brush The Day Away – Avon Clean Cleansing Brush

I am sure you have see facial cleansing brushes in the past but now there is an Avon Clean Cleansing Brush and I highly recommend it.

This is a vibrating cleansing brush. Ultra-soft bristles gently yet effectively remove impurities and leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and delightfully pampered. Who doesn’t want delightfully pampered skin?

Help Combat Environmental aggressor like pollution and extreme temperatures by keeping your face fresh with Avon’s turbocharged Cleansing Brush.


Avon Clean Cleansing Brush


5x Better Cleansing

The brushes are mild and gentle making them suitable for morning and night use. You can expect to get a 5x better cleansing than is you where to just use your hands to clean. Another great thing about these is that they are for everyone. They are suitable for all skin types meaning they are even great for people with sensitive skin.

Use Twice daily, dampen facial skin and brush head with water. Dispense your cleanser onto hands and massage onto face. Turn cleansing brush on and gently move it around your face in a circular motion for approximately 1-2 minutes. Avoid eye area. Rinse face with water. Remove and rinse the brush head then reattach it to the unit to dry.

In this day of non-replaceable I find that when the batteries stop working with other devices you have to throw the whole thing away. That is Crazy to me. Avon took that in to account when they designed this one and opted for replaceable AA batteries. I feel this is a huge benefit.

With all the great benefits of the Avon Clean Cleansing Brush I bet you are asking what could possibly make this fantastic facial care device any better? I thought so. Well how about the ability to pair it with Anew Clean Facial Cleansers to really get that deep clean without having get all rough on your face? You can! It is actually encouraged. So with your purchase of Avon Clean Cleansing Brush make sure to get yourself some Avon Clean Cleansers as well.


avon cleansing brush


Foam, Cream Cleanser Mask or Gel The Choice is Yours.

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 Brushes are Replaceable

If you ever need a refill they come in packs of two for only $15 for a set of 2

Avon Cleansing Brush

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