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Avon Foot Works – Who Wants Soft Feet? I Do!

Avon Foot Works

Who doesn’t want their feet to feel nice and soft? One of my favorite things to do is to go out and get a pedicure. While it is nice to get pampered once in a while I find that with Avon Foot Works I can get that great feel at home.

Avon Foot Works offers a wide verity of products geared toward making your feet feel amazing. Ranging from moisturizers to cream that help alleviate arthritis Avon has all you could hope for in foot care technology. Here are a few examples.


Foot Works Beautiful Dual Action Pedi-Peel


Avon Foot Works Dual action Pedi-Peel is a great way to get started on your way to luxuriously smooth tootsies.

Avon Foot Works

You walk an average of 5,000 steps a day — in a lifetime, the equivalent of 4½ times around the world. Your hardworking feet deserve to be taken care of!

Exfoliates rough, dry feet, allowing new healthy skin to resurface. 22 pads.

• Significantly improves skin’s texture, leaving skin softer, smoother and renewed
• Provides fast acting, re-texturizing treatment for feet
• Contains glycolic acid to refine skin’s surface and smooth rough, callused feet

• Use one pad for each foot. Wipe pad over rough, dry skin areas and calluses on your feet. Allow liquid to dry. Do not rinse off product. Discard pads after use. It is okay to use a foot moisturizing cream or lotion after the Pedi-Peel product dries. Should be used every other day.


Avon Foot Works Pumice Cream


Avon Foot Works

Exfoliating formula with natural abrasive pumice and walnut shell powder helps keep hardened skin and calluses at bay. Softens skin for super-smooth, touchable feet. 3.4 fl. oz.

• Contains pumice and walnut shell powder to help smooth callused skin
• Renews tired, worn out feet
• Dermatologist tested

• After your bath, shower or foot soak, dry feet and apply cream on rough, dry areas. Leave on for 60 seconds, then massage until flakiness and dryness are removed. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.


Avon Foot Works Lavender 3-In-1 Pampering Oil


Avon Foot Works

Pamper your feet with this lavender-scented 3-in-1 oil that multitasks as a moisturizer, cuticle oil and indulgent soak. Rough, dry feet and cuticles feel silky smooth and rejuvenated. Oil evenly disperses when added to water. 2 fl. oz.

• Indulgent soak: moisturizes and conditions dry feet
• Cuticle oil: helps rehydrate rough dry cuticles
• Foot massage oil: softens and relaxes with nourishing lavender extract
• Rough, dry feet and cuticles feel silky-smooth and rejuvenated
• Suitable for daily use
• Non-greasy and absorbs quickly
• Rapidly and evenly disperses when added to bath water
• Dermatologist tested

• Massage directly onto clean, dry feet and cuticles.
• As a soak, pour desired amount into foot bath of warm water. Soak feet.


Foot Works Foot Powder and Deodorizing Spray Duo

Take a gander at this dynamic duo. There is no reason to hide it. Sometimes we all have foot odor. I know my workout shoes need to be cleaned at times because they pass on some less than desirable fragrances. When used together this order fighting duo can have amazing results.

Avon Foot Works Deodorizing Foot Powder (no longer available)


Avon Foot WorksThe Foot Works Healthy Deodorizing Foot Powder provides all-day odor protection. Special moisture absorbers help feet stay dry and comfortable. It is fortified with cool, invigorating menthol plus tea tree oil. 2.6 oz. net wt.

• Provides 24-hour odor and wetness protection
• Fortified with menthol plus tea tree oil

• Sprinkle a thin layer over feet or directly into shoes. On the top of the canister, you have to spin the top and find the little circle where it says ‘push in’.

Avon Foot Works Deodorizing Spray


Avon Foot WorksProvides effective odor protection and helps control wetness. Use on feet or footwear. 3.5 oz. net wt.

• Long-lasting odor protection
• Keeps feet dry & refreshed

• Use daily. Shake can well. Remove cap. Hold 3-5 in. away. Spray on clean dry feet and between toes.
• Can also be used on footwear


Foot Works Pedicure Tool and Kit

Don’t forget your pedicure tools.

The do-it-yourself pedicure essential with four features in one tool. Plastic. 3 1/8″ L x 1 3/4″ W x 1 1/2″ H.

– Metal file removes calluses
– Pumice buffs away roughness
– Fine-grain file smoothes flaky skin
– Brush cleans nails and feetFoot Works Pedicure Kit


Avon’s Foot Works Pedicure Kit is just what you need to complete the perfect pedicure. Cute, compact kit for perfect pedis! Case, 3 ½” L x 4 3/4″ W.

• Nail clipper
• Toenail clipper
• Small nail file
• Scissors
• Cuticle pusher

• Case: PU (Polyurethane) with carbon steel frame
• Pedicure Set: Carbon steel side nail clipper, toenail clipper and pusher; carbon steel scissors with S.S. tips; stainless steel nail file.


Avon has so many great offerings. Thank you for coming by to take a look!


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