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Avon Fundraising FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is money collected from customers?

A: Money is collected at the time of order. Your organization may choose to accept personal checks. Personal checks should be made out to your organization or to someone from your organization that is in charge of the fund-raiser.

Q: How long does it take the products to arrive?

A: Approximately one week from the time I submit the final order to Avon.

Q: To whom do all of the products get delivered?

A: Someone from your organization should volunteer their home, garage, or another facility to have all of the products delivered to. Products arrive in file storage size boxes and there may be dozens of them depending on the size of the order. If your organization has a facility with a locked room, it would be best to have the products delivered there. The products should be delivered to the same location where they will be bagged into the individual customer orders.

Q: What happens next after the products arrive?

A: I meet with volunteers from your organization where the products were delivered. I check the order and the order receipt from Avon to insure that all products were delivered, and then we begin the process of bagging individual customer orders.

Q: What happens if a customer wants to return a product? What happens if a product is backordered or did not ship?

A: Avon has a 100% guarantee. Therefore, a customer may return a product for an exchange or refund. I will handle this. In case of a backorder or a missing item, as soon as the product ships to me it can be delivered to the customer.

Q: What if someone is interested in selling Avon or becoming a regular Avon customer?

A: The person should be given my name and number and informed to contact me.

Q: How is our payment of profits handled?

A: Since your fund-raising participants collected money at the time their customers placed orders, you will have the money from all sales. One person should be designated to be in charge of this money. When I meet with you and the volunteers to sort the products and bag individual customer orders, we will determine what the total sales amount is and what your percentage earnings are. You keep your percentage of the earnings and the remaining amount is paid to me, usually in the form of a check. The money that you pay me will be used to pay Avon for the products. Whatever is left are my earnings.

Q: What about the costs of fund-raising materials such as collection envelopes, bags, brochures or flyers? Who pays for them?

A: Avon charges minimal fees for the necessary items such as the Avon bags used to bag individual customer orders and the fund-raiser flyers or brochures. The fees are small, and the Avon bags are cheaper then buying bulk bags at a store. Avon supplies the money collection envelopes for free. When we meet to discuss your Avon Fund-Raiser, we can discuss these costs and we will negotiate who will be paying for what depending on the number of participants in your Fund-Raiser and your anticipated total sales amount.

Q: Can you briefly summarize the steps to the Avon-Fundraiser process?

A: I will be with you every step of the way and will meet with you, participants, and/or volunteers from your organization as needed. Generally, this is the Avon Fund-Raising process:

  1. We meet in-person to determine the particulars of the fund-raiser such as the start date, how many people will be involved, etc.

  2. I order the necessary selling materials from Avon for your group to successfully sell Avon products.

  3. Fund-raiser participants receive the selling materials and collect customer orders and money.

  4. I place the final order with Avon for all products that your participants sold.

  5. The final order is delivered by Avon and we bag the individual customer orders. At that time, we determine your group’s profits.

  6. Participants deliver orders to their customers.

If you have any questions that have not already been answered, or if you need further information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.

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