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Avon Holiday Unboxing

Avon Holiday First Look | Unboxing

I just got my hands on some of our Avon Holiday items that are being released for this year and couldn’t wait to share! So, here is an Unboxing | First look Avon Holiday video. I’ve only done 1 or 2 unboxing videos before, so I’m really not sure how it’s supposed to be done. I guess I should do a little research before I record my next one, huh?

Watch the Avon Holiday First Look Video

This is just the start of our holiday line up and I cant wait for what else is being released in the coming weeks! For the next 4 campaigns (2 months), we will continue to have brand new Holiday items released.

If you like what you see, be sure to order it right away! Things sell out FAST and you’ll miss out if you wait.

Want to be included in my Avon Holiday brochure mailings? Send me a message, I’d be happy to add you!

Thanks for keeping my store in mind for your holiday shopping!

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