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Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

Avon What’s Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018 – BEST SALE EVER!

Avon What’s Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018 – BEST SALE EVER!

Hi friends! Jessica here! Welcome to Avon What’s Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018 – BEST SALE EVER! Happy start of summer! I hope you have fun plans with your family and friends. We are gearing up to take a road trip to Las Vegas and then fly to Ohio for our annual Avon conference called RepFest! It’s always a highlight of the year and I’m sure this year is going to be just as fabulous. If you’re an Avon rep and you’re going to RepFest, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Today I’m SUPER excited to share with you What’s Hot!? from our Campaign 15 brochure! It’s our BEST SALE EVER! This sale only comes around twice a year, so now is the time to grab some AMAZING deals on products.. some are even 65% off! I love clearance shopping, do you? There are over 30 pages of our clearance items! There is something for every one, fashion, shoes, jewelry, home items, holiday items! THIS is the time to shop!

Laser Cut Fit N Flare Dress

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

The first item I wanted to share is on the first page and it’s a dress. I love Avon dresses! This is the Laser-Cut Fit ‘N’ Flare Dress. It’s so cute because it has some little cut outs and it fits so nicely! This originally came out over a year ago and sold for $39.99.

You can get it now for $16.99! (During Campaign 15, 2018)

Hand Soap

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

One of the many things that love about Avon, is that they offer products that everybody uses! Have you tried out our antibacterial hand gel or hand soap? What kind of soap do you keep at your bathroom sinks? I keep our silky vanilla and juicy pomegranate & mango in our bathrooms. You can tell I need to reorder! The scents are not overpowering!

Shop Avon Hand Soaps Now

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

I also always keep an antibacterial hand gel in my purse and in my car for when I need to wash my hands and there is no water in sight! These are perfect gifts too! Are you going to any BBQ or picnic? Grab a couple of these in your next order! I need to order more too! Right now they are on sale, mix and match any 2 for $6.50. 3 different scents, silky vanilla, fresh cucumber and melon and juicy pomegranate and mango.

Shop Avon Antibacterial Hand Gel Now

Mix and Match Earring Packs

I love earings but I’m quite simple and like studs and maybe a bit of bling with my earrings. Nothing too big. So, when I saw these Mix and Match Earring packs, I was so thrilled! I have a 2nd piercing in my ear that I can never find a simple earring or stud to go in. So, I usually only wear just one set of earrings. But with these mix and match earring packs, you get 5 pairs! These are SO FUN!

Modern Sparkle

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

There are 3 different sets of 5 that you can choose from… and I couldn’t choose just 1. So, I got all 3! The first set is our modern sparkle. These are goldtone. Look at how cute these little studs are! What is REALLY fun about these earring is that they are different than anything I’ve worn before. These larger ones are 2 pieces. The dangling piece actually is behind your ear! So it gives some depth and it’s very different and I love it!!

Shop Modern Sparkle Earring Pack Now

Enchanting Fairy

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

We also have our Enchanting Fairy set. This also attaches behind your ear and has the cutest little feather and flower studs.

Enchanting Fairy Earring Pack Now

Every Day Classic

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

The last set is the everyday classic and this can be ordered in goldtone or silvertone. How nice is this pearl set? Each of these mix and match earring packs sells for $12.99! Regularly $24.99! How cute! I’m so excited to take these out of the boxes now and wear them! Oh and did you know that all of our jewelry is nickel free? So if you’re sensitive to nickel, you have no worries with our jewelry!

Everyday Classics Earring Pack Now

Tote and 3 Minis

Avon What's Hot?! Campaign 15, 2018

Last item, is a fabulous deal! Usually, Avon has an A Box on the back of the brochure. This time, they’ve added the cutest Canvas Tote Bag with TSA-friendly Travel Sizes of our Bug Guard! One is our expedition with spf 30 and our picaridin (which is good for evening time and helps protect against deer ticks)! AND if you did get bit, you’ll get this anti-itch spray too! You get these 3 minis AND the tote for only $15! You don’t have to spend $40 like with the A Box. You can order this on it’s own for $15! What a deal!

Shop Bug Guard Travel Friendly Set Now


Until Next Time

What’s your favorite deal from this Best Sale Ever brochure? I’d love to hear so please put in the comments below!

I’ll see you soon! Bye!


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