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Skin Care Expert

Become a Skin Care Expert!

become a Skin Care Expert

Become an Anew Skin Care Expert with Avon!

Learn all you need to know about skin and Anew skin care products to keep your customers coming back for more. Be better than good – be an expert!

In just 3 hours you will learn:

  • Skin Physiology
  • Skin Types and Concerns
  • Features and Benefits of the 4-step Anew Skincare Regimens
  • Selling Skincare Regimens to your Customers face-to-face and online


What Representatives who attended the clinic are saying:

“Every Representative needs to take the Anew Skin Care Expert class. You’ve got to sign up”!
Mindy Parent, Advanced Unit Leader and Avon Makeup Maven (I met Mindy in NYC when we earned by becoming Makeup Mavens!)

“As an Avon Representative, this was the best 3 hours of my life!”
Rebecca Harvalis


Registration Details

The registration fee of $100 covers your attendance and the Anew Skin Care Clinic

Kit, valued at $160! Only active Avon Representatives can register for the event and place an order to receive the Kit.

The Kit includes:

  • A full size Ultimate Regimen
  • A full size Pro Line Eraser
  • An exclusive Anew Skin Care Guide

How exciting to become a skin care expert! This class is SO valuable! Please check if there is a class near you on!


Not a representative yet? $15 gets you started today! 

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