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Avon belif | Campaign 6 Top Picks | Herbal Skin Care

Hey friends! Jessica here! Today I wanted to share with you my Top Picks for Campaign 6! We are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of welcoming of the herbal skin care brand belif into our Avon family. Fun fact, this belif line is so popular that is has sold over 4 million of these sold worldwide!

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Belif has 5 products in their collection with Avon AND sneak peek, a couple more coming this year and I’m using one right now that we got as a VIP at our Kickoff event and I use it every single night and am so in love with how it makes my skin feel in the morning. But, I’ll share more about that when it’s released. Until then, let’s talk about the belif line real quick. belif products combine time-tested apothecary herbal traditions and modern Korean skin science to provide the utmost care and efficacy for skin. What that means is belif uses true herbs as main ingredients. The products are free of: parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synethic preservatives, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and animal origin ingredients, which means they’re vegan.

These are all very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. belif products are fabulous because they’re not full of bad ingredients for you AND they do the job of moisturizing and help your skin.

belif Aqua Bomb Happy Birthday Cake Jumbo Edition

  • belif Aqua Bomb
  • belif Aqua Bomb
  • belif Aqua Bomb

Our two moisturizers are the True Cream Aqua Bomb and the Moisturizing Bomb. The Aqua Bomb is a ultralight gel and is perfect for those with dullness and uneven texture of their skin and increases hydration by 70%. I’ve gone through 2 bottles of this and definitely love this during the spring and summer when it’s warm outside because it’s a refreshing gel to put on. This full size sells for $38 … but because we are celebrating the birthday you can get the JUMBO size which is 50% more than the regular full size for only $45! It’s an amazing deal AND comes in this limited edition birthday cake packaging with is like top notch packaging! I’ve seen many of my Avon friends show theirs and I’m blown away!

This is currently selling for $45

belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

I’ll just tell you right now, I didn’t buy this jumbo size and the adorable birthday cake packaging because I have so many moisturizers and belif moisturizers already, I didn’t want to just buy it to do this video… and was secretly hoping Avon would send it to me in my Meeting In A Box that leaders get but they didn’t. So, there’s that!

Selling for $38 at time of post

belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

The second belif item is the moisturizing bomb. This is more of a cream and I like to use this at night or during the winter. It has like a whipped texture and gives your skin 24 hours of intense hydration. Love this stuff!

This also sells for $38 full size but you can get the jumbo size for $45! Best deal right there.

Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser

Next item is the Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser. 97% of women felt it was gentle while cleansing. So true. It is a jelly cleanser that turns into a foam and gently removes any makeup and doesn’t make your skin feel all dry and tight. It keeps moisture on your skin while cleaning it and is what I use in my shower every morning. I use about a dime size amount, not very much! Because it foams, it expands. I’ve had this in my shower for 6 months and I wash my face daily.

This sells for $28

belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

Lastly, is my favorite eye cream. It’s our moisturizing eye bomb. It helps keep your eye area firm and crease-free. This is a lightweight cream that I use every morning and night. It feels so nice and gentle around my eyes. This is the only eye cream I use and it’s worth the price! This is my 3rd jar of it and it takes me about 3-4 months to go through when I use it twice a day.

It sells for $48

belif The Garden Eau De Parfum

belif The Garden Eau De Parfum

Just a side note here, I’m still completely obsessed with the belif The Garden Eau De Parfum. I keep it here on my desk and I spritz myself with it all the time. It’s such a bright, fun scent. I love it!

Regularly $55 this is currently selling for $45

Essential Oil Roll Ons

Introducing a whole line of essential oils! I’m so excited for these! Introducing Avon Pure. Highly concentrated, pure premium-quality, plant derived essential oils that are free of parabens, gluten, phthalates and sulfates. Boost your well-being, soothe your spirit and enhance your mood.

We have 5 roll-ons and 8 oils to put in a diffuser AND we have a diffuser too.

The roll ons are easy to put in your pocket or your purse and transform your day wherever you go. Which has been so true for me!

Avon Pure De Stress Roll On

The first roll on I got was the de-stress which is like yoga in a bottle. It helps calm you with sweet almond oil, lavender and peppermint. A couple weeks ago, my husband and I had to drive over a mountain pass, in the winter to go get our new puppy. Which she is super adorable by the way. And I am not a fan of driving in the snow, while it’s snowing.

So, I brought along our de-stress and I put it on my pulse points, my wrists, my temples, I even put it on the bottoms of my feet and I was as chill as I could be! I wasn’t stressing my husband out by being stressed myself. So, I think this is a win and I will always rely on my de-stress roll-on when I need to take a chill pill.

This Normally Sells for $23 but is on sale for $18

Avon Pure Focus Roll On

I also got the Focus essential oil roll on. I got it when my order arrived last Thursday around 4pm. I immediately put it on my pulse points and I was packing my order, getting it ready to deliver to my customers, going over my customer list and I swear, I looked up and it was 8pm. I think some kind of magic happened because I was so productive and focused so much that I was able to accomplish so much! I’ve used it this stuff every day since then and it’s a game changer! Focus helps boost alertness and concentration with sweet almond oil, lemon peel oil and rosemary leaf extract.

Currently On Sale for $18

Avon Pure Energize Roll On

the 3rd is Energize which I think I’m getting next. It wakes you up from that mid-day slump and has sweet almond oil, grapefruit peel oil, and rosemary leaf extract.

Also Currently Selling for $18

Avon Pure Aches Away Roll On

Aches Away helps soothe and relax achy muscles with peppermint rosemary extract and sweet almond oil.

Selling Currently for $18

Avon Pure Head-Aid Roll On

And lastly in the roll ons is Head-Aid which eases your mind with peppermint and eucalyptus and sweet almond oil.

These sell for $18!

Other Essential Oils

  • We also have blended oils to scent your home. Happiness infuses the air with joy and exhilaration. With grapefruit, lemon and sweet orange.
  • Sweet Dreams. Create a serene environment for restful thoughts. With lavender and chamomile.
  • Zen- awaken an allover sense of tranquility with lavender, peppermint and chamomile.
  • Eucalyptus which refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the senses.
  • Lavender which calms and soothes and helps with balance and restfulness.
  • Peppermint which is cooling and stimulating. Refreshing and invigorating to give you a little pep.
  • Rosemary which will help you get going if you’re feeling kinda stuck in neutral. With rosemary leaf oil
  • Lastly, grapefruit which is a natural energizer. Brightens up your day and has grapefruit peel oil.

These all sell for varying of $15-$23

Avon Pure Diffuser

We also have this Avon Pure Aroma Diffuser that lights up with 3 different settings. You can release a fine most of water and essential oils into the air. I almost wanted to get this but didn’t because I already have a diffuser!

This sells for $29! This would make a great gift too!

Until Next Time!

Whew! So much in Campaign 6! Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoy sharing! There’s a link below, so be sure to click it and do some shopping! As always, I am here and happy to help! Talk to you soon! Bye!

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